Saturday, October 19, 2013

SKORA Running Shoes

Look what the mailman delivered.... The SKORA Running shoes that I won through Mindy's Fitness Journey. [I LOVE WINNING GIVEAWAYS - Someone has to win, right?! Might as well try - and hey, I have lucked out on a couple recently!]

I was able to pick out whichever pair I wanted (except the Phase-X). It took me a WHILE to decide... I mean have you looked at their site?! THEY ARE ALL SO CUTE!! I ended up deciding on the standard Phase [Light Blue/ Pink/ White] shoes.


PHASE is constructed using the latest lamination techniques, with a minimal single-layer mesh upper and laminated reflective details. With an asymmetric lacing system and unique IBR outsole, PHASE provides maximum performance with minimum weight and interference. Zero-drop, 11mm stack height.

PHASE is built on our revolutionary IBR (Injection Blown Rubber) platform. R02 pushes the boundaries of material technology. IBR offers better abrasion resistance, grip and compression-set than injected EVA with lower density and weight than rubber. This provides a runner with incredible ground feel and running comfort in an amazingly durable, flexible and lightweight complete package.

I am STOKED to try them out! I haven't had 'zero drop' shoes before, so I am interested to see how my body handles them. Of course I am going to have to ease into them, and might end up using them more for cross-training than running, but I am definitely pumped to put them on and lace them up.

""At SKORA we view Real Running as running how nature intended - efficient, effective and with ease. As the foot strikes the ground, contact is made in the middle of the foot, not at the heel. Running with a whole-foot gait results in less impact energy and force shock transmitted through the body than compared to the heel strike gait favored by conventional running shoes (built with large amounts of cushioning, support and a thicker heel).""


Have you ever won a giveaway or contest before? 


Unknown said...

Ah, those are so darn beautiful! Hope you'll love the shoes as much as I do (although I have two other models). SKORA for the win, literally! :)

Meridith said...

Evelin is the reason I even got to try the SKORA Cores and I'm in love with them! So beautiful, light and make my feet happy. :)