Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dating ABCs: B

This past weekend Ryan was gone. He had been talking about going on a BigFoot Hunt for a birthday bash for a LONG TIME! He actually talked some of his friends into making it happen, so this past weekend they went up to the Red Woods near Santa Cruz and camped.

They didn’t find any Sasquatch (big surprise, huh?!), but it sounds like they had a great time.  [If you have Instagram, I would HIGHLY suggest searching #SasquatchManHunt2013 to see some of the photos/ videos of the weekend shenanigans.]

Anyway, with Ryan being gone Thursday through Sunday, we didn’t have much time to make our B Date happen – but hey, a short date is better than nothing.

We ended up going down to the BEACH Sunday evening for a stroll and to watch the sun set. Of course we had to take some pictures (I think Ryan had about 30 on his camera, but most of them were TERRIBLE, so I narrowed down the “best” ones.)

Ryan really liked shooting with the filters in the new iPhone update...

No filter - pure majesty :)

Ryan drew me a heart... Then got sad that I didn't want to take a picture... So this one is for him :)


Fun design in the sand
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