Sunday, October 20, 2013

REVIEW: Glass Wear

I KNOW, I know, I MUST preface this post.

Please hear me out!

My “allegiance” will always lie with Michigan. I grew up in Southeastern Michigan (Ida, Monroe, Temperance, Ann Arbor) and lived there until moving to Southern California after I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2006. And I know most of us Maize and Blue fans often think that the four letter “O” word is one of the worst, but, although this might sound like “blasphemy”, not all things that come out of Ohio are 100% evil :). [Not to mention, my parents live ONE exit north of the Ohio border, so we end up in Toledo or Sylvania for a lot of things when we are back there.]
One of the ‘non-evil’ things to come out of Ohio is an AWESOME company called Glass Wear. This company is based in the heart of Toledo. They are doing AMAZING things and I want to take a few moments to draw some attention to them!

Before I get to their products (which are SWEET), I want to speak to one of the MAJOR things that drew me to this company. They work closely with Food For Thought. When you purchase a t-shirt from Glass Wear, they donate 13.6 POUNDS of food to families in need IN TOLEDO. I love organizations that give back – but it is extra incredible to see one that gives back to the community that they are located in (for some reason it often seems like it is easier to give to those across the world as opposed to helping those in our back yard…).


The purpose and main driving force behind Glass Wear is not only do you get to wear your shirt with pride, you, also, help spread the word about the growing hunger issues in our community.

Now, without further adieu, on to their spifferific line!

HOW CUTE! The tees come in a little canvas bag. YES, I WILL BE USING THE BAG AS WELL!

They just recently added TONS of new shirts and have even started printing on softer tees (and even DROPPED their prices, instead of increasing them). They have a TON of delightful designs. I was lucky enough to get the “Always Fine in the 419” tees.

Get it?! The 419, it's Toledo's area code!

Check out some of the fun shots that Ryan took of me sporting the shirt :).

Some of my other favorites are: Longitude and Latitude (shout out to all my GeoCaching fans :) ), LOVE, and I Bike Toledo.

Which would you pick to show off around town?

I know Christmas is coming soon. You should DEFINITELY think about grabbing a shirt or seven as gifts for your family or friends (and at the same time you will be helping those in need in Toledo). Or put your favorite on your ‘Santa Wish List’.

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