Sunday, June 9, 2024

Workout Recap - Week 23

Sunday, June 2nd  3 mile run with the hubby 

Monday, June 3rd –  60 minutes on the stationary bike

Tuesday, June 4th –  4 mile run

Wednesday, June 5th – Rest Day

Thursday, June 6th – 60 minutes on the stationary bike

Friday, June 7th  Rest Day

Saturday, June 8th – 60 minutes on the stationary bike

Well, um, this week wasn't my best. I was originally going to do a HIIT workout on Wednesday, which I just didn't feel like doing, so skipped it. Then I was planning on doing a long run Friday morning since I had the day off (I worked 11 days in a row because I was covering for one of my employees since he was out of town for a race), but, again, I just didn't feel like it. Saturday I went to actually get in a 10-12 mile run, but my stomach wasn't having it, so ran 2 miles and then jumped on the bike to at least get in a sweat... Here's to moving on from these seven days and having a much better one next week.

How were your workouts this past week?

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Walt Wednesday

Some people do a "Wordless Wednesday" post, where they simply share a photo or image, but I thought I'd make a little series out of my Wednesdays. And since I love alliteration so much, why not go with Walt Wednesdays (obviously everyone can use a little break from the seriousness, scariness and sassiness of life - and what better way to help put a smile on your face than with a cute wiener dog picture, am I right?!)... So, without further ado...


When life gets overwhelming, how do you de-stress?

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Workout Recap - Week 22

Sunday, May 26th  10 mile run  

Monday, May 27th –  60 minutes on the stationary bike

Tuesday, May 28th –  4 mile run

Wednesday, May 29th – Rest Day

Thursday, May 30th – 4 mile run

Friday, May 31st  60 minutes on the stationary bike

Saturday, June 1st – Rest Day

Normally Saturdays are my long runs, but I had/ have to work 11 days straight (starting with Memorial Day and going through next Thursday) and when I woke up it was rainy/ misty, so instead I went to the grocery store and meal prepped lunches for the upcoming week. I want to 'want to' run, I don't want it to be just another thing I am crossing off my to-do list or something I see as a chore - and that's not how it has been feeling lately... Here's hoping when May Gray and June Gloom finally hit the road and the sunshine returns in full force, that it will bring my love of running back with it too.

How were your workouts this past week?