Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nephew Lovin'

Happy Halloween!!

Aren't my nephews three nephews THE CUTEST?! I know I am TOTALLY bias, but what can I say - they are sweet peas!!



{To be honest though, I kind of hope you don't enter, only because then I will have a better chance at winning :) But hey, if someone other than me has to win, I hope it is YOU!}

Complete our @SPARKLYSOULINC #sparklysoulchallenge through October 31st on Facebook or Instagram and enter to win 10 @SPARKLYSOULINC headbands! You don’t need a Sparkly Soul headband to enter! Just do challenges without a headband!

We are giving away an ADDITIONAL @SPARKLYSOULINC headband by sharing our challenge post #SPARKLYSOULCHALLENGE until 10/31! Here’s link:

Wanna see all of my entries?!

#1 - A picture of me WORKING OUT /// #sparklysoulchallenge

#2 - A picture of me with a FRIEND /// #sparklysoulchallenge

#3 - A picture of me OUTDOORS /// #sparklysoulchallenge

#3 - A picture of me OUTDOORS /// #sparklysoulchallenge

#4 - A picture of me with a PET /// #sparklysoulchallenge

#4 - A picture of me with a PET /// #sparklysoulchallenge

#5 - A picture of me who INSPIRES me /// #sparklysoulchallenge

#6 - A picture of me showing my STYLE {colorful} /// #sparklysoulchallenge

#7 - A picture of my favorite Sparkly Soul quote /// #sparklysoulchallenge

#7 - A picture of my favorite Sparkly Soul quote /// #sparklysoulchallenge

#8 - A picture of my favorite GYM /// #sparklysoulchallenge

#8 - A picture of my favorite GYM /// #sparklysoulchallenge

#9 - A picture of my MAN wearing a headband /// #sparklysoulchallenge

#9 - A picture of my MAN wearing a headband /// #sparklysoulchallenge

#10 - SPARKLY SELFIE /// #sparklysoulchallenge

I sure hope I win! I WOULD LOVE TEN SPARKLY SOUL HEADBANDS!! Currently I only have one - a Thick Cinderella Blue one. My other headbands are just random Goody ones from Target.

As you can see from my pictures, I wear headbands EVERY time I am working out. I have crazy fly-aways and need help to tame my mane :) And who wouldn't want to look cute while working out?! I KNOW I WANT TO SPARKLE!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Plank Challenge

Anyone want to join me in a PLANK CHALLENGE for the month of November?

I have to confess, I have NEVER done a plank before - but I figured WHY NOT START?! No better time than the present, right? And core strength is definitely something I can always work on.

I should also say, I am slightly intimidated that the challenge goes up to FIVE MINUTES, but hey, I'll give it the old college try!

Wanna join me? 

REVIEW: Muschie’s High Energy Granola Bar

I was sent a Muschie’s High Energy Granola Bar from RunnerBox earlier this month [check out my original REVIEW of RunnerBox HERE {but honestly, what are you waiting for?!}.... And I INSIST you must sign up for a RunnerBox subscription - you will NOT be disappointed! I WILL EVEN HAVE A COUPON CODE SOON SO THAT YOU CAN RECEIVE A DISCOUNT ON YOUR SUBSCRIPTION!!]. 

There are a few things that stuck out with the Muschie’s High Energy Orchards Gift Granola Bar that I received [and YES, stuck out in a GOOD way].

First, they are a Michigan company (located in Rochester, which is right down the street from where we will be spending our Christmas this year). THEY EVEN USE MICHIGAN DRIED CHERRIES IN SOME OF THEIR HIGH ENERGY GRANOLA BARS!


Next, the packaging is CLEAR! This caught my eye because I feel like no one really has see-through wrappers. It means you can SEE what you are buying, SEE what the bar looks like, SEE the deliciousness. Makes me think other companies might NOT want you seeing what they are selling to you prior to you paying for it :).

Also, there are very few ingredients AND I CAN PRONOUNCE THEM ALL! I was sent the Orchards Gift flavor, but all of them look yummy.


Lastly, IT WAS SCRUM-DIDILY-UMPTUOS! I really liked the flavor. The sunflower seeds and other ingredients were delish! And the maple syrup and molasses holding it all together made it sweet, but not too sweet. MAN IT WAS GOOOOOOOOOOD! [Thankfully I ate it as an afternoon snack at work today and didn't have to share it with anyone, because it would have been hard for me to give away any of it :)]

Sometimes I feel like I over use my positive adjectives, or that I am always talking up the products that I receive, but I have to say, I have been very lucky to have been sent AMAZING items, all of which have been tasty and ones that I would DEFINITELY recommend to my friends, family members, and followers.

Walt Wednesday

He loves laying in the sun, just like his non-fur mama :) Good thing we live somewhere that gets sun 90% of the year...

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Choice about Children

Ryan and I don't want kids.

Not now. Not ever.

There are many reasons behind this decision (and one that we did not arrive at lightly or without much thought and deliberation). There are a lot of things that we would not want to pass down to a child - family medical issues [i.e. fibromyalgia, depression, addiction, etc], the heartbreak of a fallen and sinful world, etc.

Our decision does NOT make us bad people or "less than".


Just because we do not want children of our own does not mean that we do not like kids - we just like to be able to give them back to their parents :) We enjoy being a fun aunt and uncle (whether it is to our nieces and nephews or to our friends' children).

We do not judge you and your decision to have children, so please do not judge us on our decision to not have children.


I can't tell you how many times we hear comments like "Oh, you have no idea, you don't have kids" or "You will probably change your mind in a year or so" or "But you would make great parents". And don't get me wrong, we know that most of the time that these type of statements do not come from a bad place with rude motives, but they still tend to sting - like we don't know what is best for our lives.

When I was looking for images this evening I came across an article from Huffington Post talking about some of the silly things people say when you tell them you aren't having kids. Also, apparently there was a recent issue of TIME Magazine where the cover story was talking about how some people want to 'have it all WITHOUT children' - and how that is OKAY [I didn't realize I needed permission...].


Yes, I realize that it may sound selfish to live our lives only having to care for ourselves, but wouldn't it seem more selfish if we were having children just for us, because we "wanted" to, because they were there to fulfill us or take care of us when we got old.


We all have our own path to walk. Feel free to walk along side of us throughout our journey, but please don't criticize what we decide (with the help of God's Word, wise counsel, and the Holy Spirit) to do with our lives.



I don't want it, I don't need it, I have enough of it, I'm getting rid of it!


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dating ABCs: C

We actually had a weekend FULL of "C" activities :)

It started on Friday when we were helping out a friend at a COSTUME party. [Her younger sister was having a party that was 'advertised' as a Costume Party, but little did the party-goers know that there was a HUGE HAUNTED HOUSE with 20+ actors placed throughout it. Ryan was the hillbilly, and since I scare easily, I was working the food - but still dressed up as a 'witch' with the rest of the catering crew.]



Kelly as the Countess

Andy as the Count
Witchy Crew

We couldn't really figure out the whole camera thing...

Saturday morning we did our Growth Group COMMUNITY service project - CLEANING the beach.

This morning, after our 6-mile run, we made CINNAMON roll waffles :) [THANK YOU Pinterest - this is a GO-TO sweet treat for us :)]

This afternoon we did our 'official' C date - going to the CARRILLO Ranch Historic Park. We watched the little video in the Visitor Center, learning all about The Cisco Kid :). All of the little rooms and buildings were opened, so we were able to check everything out (I had worked a wedding there before, but wasn't really able to enjoy the grounds). It turned out to be a beautiful day (it had been foggy and soggy since Friday, so seeing the sun for a few hours this afternoon was AMAZING), and I was LUCKY enough to spend it with my DREAMY HUBBY!

Dating through the alphabet - C


Just in case you have missed some of the recent Dating ABC Posts, make sure to check them out:

Now on to D [crossing my fingers I can talk Ryan into going to DISNEYLAND :)]!