Tuesday, October 1, 2013

RunnerBox BDay Gift!

RunnerBox is AMAZING! If you haven't read my review of their subscription based items, you are really missing out. I would definitely recommend you checking out the post when you get a chance.

And not only do I LOVE RunnerBox for all the reasons I mentioned in my review, but now I love them EVEN MORE (if that was possible). Why, you ask?!

Because they sent me a birthday gift!! How sweet is that!! I mean TALK ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE and ATTENTION TO DETAIL!

Belated?! WHO CARES!

In this day and age, where it can feel like customer service (and often times even kindness in general) has been thrown by the wayside, it is AWESOME to have a company go ABOVE AND BEYOND - and TOTALLY surprise you!!

                   PS RunnerBox did NOT do anything stupid, it was just when I typed the "TOTALLY..." it made me think of this clip :)

RunnerBox - you have created a fan for life!! And I'm sure if YOU check them out YOU will get HOOKED too!!

Have you tried any subscription based boxes to test out different products? If so, did you find them helpful?

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