Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Easter

Ryan and I bought ourselves a nice Easter gift. The McClurgs sent us an AWESOME Easter surprise. They are flying the Leighs down to Florida for Easter, so they wanted to send us a gift. We used their gift to order a TV for ourselves.

The first TV that I bought when I moved to San Diego was a $25 purchase off of Craigslist. We still have this TV and are currently using it in our bedroom.

When I flew back to Michigan for my bridal shower in the summer of 2008 I grabbed the TV that my parents bought me while I was in college for a birthday gift. I ended up checking the TV as my 'bag' - I know, I know, I am cheap, I would rather carry on a TV than pay for shipping, and bring a TV crossed country rather than buying a new one. We are currently using that TV in our living room.

We decided to use our Easter gift to splurge and get ourselves a nice TV. We have never had a nice TV, so this is a big deal for us. Originally the TV was on backorder for 2-4 weeks, and then yesterday I got an email that it had shipped. It should be here soon!!


Ford Focus

Are you (or someone you know) interested in buying a Ford Focus? Ryan and I are thinking about selling my car. We are going to try and take it to CarMax to see what they would offer, but think they will probably offer a lot less than what it is worth. Looks like Kelley Blue Book value of it is a little over $6,000. If you are interested, what specs on it, etc, just let us know!!

New Moon

Friday night we went over to one of friends house and had pizza and watched New Moon. Are you into Twilight? My bosses bought the first DVD right when it came off and kept trying to get us to watch it. Finally I just gave in because it was free and I figured it wouldn't be the worst way we could spend 2 hours, hehe. We ended up liking it. Not so much that I wanted to read the books or watch the midnight showing of future movies, but it was entertaining (at first I didn't want to see if because I thought vampires = sci fi --- not something I am in to / and chick flicks aren't really something that I like, so at least it wasn't sci fi, but just wasn't my type of movie). Watching the second one I was a little disappointed because I thought it was going to have a lot more of the fighting between the werewolves and vampires, but again, entertaining. I hear #3 has more fighting, but who knows if we will stick it out that long, hehe.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monroe Movie

Monroe to be movie set

Movie-makers hope to shoot a car-chase scene in downtown Monroe this week and do additional filming in the area over several weeks, including on the campus of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Producers of “Jinn,” a supernatural thriller featuring actors Dominic Rains and Ray Park and a specially modified Camaro muscle-car called the “FireBreather,” won Monroe City Council permission to close portions of downtown Monroe streets from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Wednesday and Thursday for the filming.

Michigan-born writer and director Ajmal Ahmad, 32, said his Livonia-based Exodus Pictures probably will do most of its filming in the Monroe area. “Three weeks of our six-week shoot actually is in Monroe,” he said.

The scene in downtown Monroe will involve the car, a Camaro customized by Novi-based Classic Design Concepts and unveiled by Mr. Park during the Autorama in Detroit in late February.

According to the scene description, the car will drive west down E. Front St. turn left and head south on Washington St, swerve to avoid hitting a man crossing the road, fishtail into Loranger Square and then head west on E. First St.

A stunt driver will pilot the 605-horsepower car, while a camera-mounted trailer films from in front of the car and another camera shoots from a sidewalk.

The rest of the article here.

Monday, March 29, 2010


With the HEAT WAVE this weekend, of course we had to go to the beach... And while we were there, of course we had to do some sea glass hunting...

Lots of glass:

And OF COURSE another bullet:

And rare, blue glass:

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Caching Pics

Ryan and I went and grabbed a few caches this morning. We found the first one in a field near some orange and lemon trees. We also got to use our new stamp :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010


This evening I road the Sprinter home from church - SOOOO fun!! I LOVE public transit!! Ryan went over to watch the UFC fight with friends, and since we were already over near where they were going to watch it, it would have been silly for him to drive me back home, so I (EAGERLY) volunteered to ride the Sprinter home. It was very snazzy, new, and shiny!!

Check out how pumped I was to ride the Sprinter :)

Tie Dye Outcome

I know you have all been holding your breath, so wait to longer.... Here are the Tie Dye shirts that we made :) Ryan already wore one of his shirts (which is why there is only one picture of his shirts, because the other is in the laundry basket). I know they aren't professional, but pretty good for our first try, huh?




Friday, March 26, 2010


I was flipping through the TV this afternoon and saw they were televising the LPGA Tour (it was on the Golf Channel). I am not sure how many of you are into golf, and girls golf at that, but I have been watching the LPGA Tour LIVE this year. It is happening outside the window at work. My bosses live on the golf course that the tour is at right now (La Costa, in Carlsbad, CA). On our lunch breaks we have been going to eat in the back yard and watching the ladies putting on the 14th green and driving at the 15th hole. I thought it was pretty cool when I saw it on TV.

Famous Hands Part 2

I totally forgot. My hands are famous on another website as well. Last year we were updating some of the office websites and we took some pictures. My hands are in two of the photos on there too. My hand is on top and prevalent in one picture (you can tell because my rings are right in the middle of the shot) and the other one there is just a tiny bit of my hand up in the top right corner of the shot (I know it is mine since I was there, but I doubt anyone else would even notice it :) ). So I guess maybe now I should start my hand modeling career, what do you think??

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Last Chance to Get a Good Look at Mars Until 2012

On Thursday night, March 25, many people may look up at the sky and ask the question, "What's that bright star next to the moon?"

The answer for Thursday night is Mars, but that answer changes night by night as the moon travels along the ecliptic, the path the sun, moon and planets follow across the sky. If you ask the question again on Monday night, March 29, the answer will be the ringed planet Saturn.

Such conjunctions of the moon and planets are regular reminders of how rapidly the moon moves across the sky.
Mars was in opposition to the Sun on Jan. 29, when it appeared 14 arcseconds in diameter, 1/120 of the diameter of the moon. Two months later, it is much farther away, and has shrunk to only 10 arcseconds in diameter.

The rest of the article here.

Spring in Tomorrowland

Springtime in Tomorrowland

One of the things I love about shooting in Tomorrowland is the blending of horticulture with futuristic architecture. In this case, the Astro Orbitor at Disneyland park is the perfect complement to a Flowering Pear tree on a foggy California morning.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baby Barn

Special Offer - Try a Free Sample of our Baby Body and Hair Wash and Soft Skin Baby Lotion.

Starting Monday, March 22nd, you may sign up here to receive a free sample of our two most popular products: Our Baby Body and Hair Wash and our Soft Skin Baby Lotion. Our products are all-natural, organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and extremely effective. Learn more about our products.

This sample contains two (2) 2.5 Oz. bottles - One of Baby Barn's Baby Body and Hair Wash and One of Baby Barn's Soft Skin Baby Lotion. Offer available to residents of the United States of America, 18 years of age and older. Limit one per household. Offer available while supplies last.

101 Everyday Pleasures

101 small pleasures you can enjoy every day

Since one of the key tenets of happiness is being able to savor small pleasures, here's a list of 101 delights that are worth enjoying today (not all in one day, though!). Let's try to come up with 101 more in the comments!

1. coloring (yes, grown-ups can do it, too)
2. crisp cotton sheets
3. soft skin
4. old family recipes
5. the first daffodils of spring
6. sleeping in
7. an exercise endorphin high
8. window boxes
9. a perfect cup of coffee
10. a genuine compliment (giving or receiving)

See the rest here.


I came home to a little gift in the mailbox today. I didn't remember ordering anything, so a box in the mailbox was interesting. I opened it and it was a free Glade Plug In (with the warmer and gel and 3 additional refills). The little note in it just said: "Congratulations! Here's your Right@Home giveaway". I love signing up for free things, forgetting about them, and then them arriving in the mail :).

Famous Hands

The LOVELY lady that made our button bouquets and boutonnieres for the wedding sent me an email today. She wanted to let me know that my hands were famous, hehe. The bouquets that she made for our wedding had ended up on a blog today, so she wanted to pass it along to me. CHECK IT OUT - MY HANDS ARE FAMOUS, HEHE!! Photo Credit to Mr. Drew Wilson!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sarcastic Sound

Our friend John runs a business for studio installs, music equipment, etc. Please check SARCASTIC SOUND out here.

sarcastic sound provides studio support services to the southern california area (san diego, orange county, l.a.) with a shop in oceanside that is shared with Pro Craft Media (we love those guys)

our focus is providing studios with full technical support. we design studio infrastructure, install studios, build custom gear, repair gear, assemble custom (and sometimes weird) cable harnesses, configure computer systems (pro tools certified!... like it really means anything?) and anything else you can think of, we can do it.

Barefoot Shirts

Wear the Message!

Ready for April 8th? One Day Without Shoes t-shirts spread the day’s message with super soft American Apparel tees. If people don’t catch a glimpse of your bare feet (or if you can’t go barefoot), you can still inspire them to impact a child’s life, just by wearing one of these.

And as always, for every shirt you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One.

Check out the site here. (I think Ryan and I may make shirts ourselves :) )

Something Corporate

Andrew McMahon Returns to Something Corporate After Battling Leukemia

When Orange Country pop-punkers Something Corporate disbanded in 2004 it wasn't supposed to be permanent. "We never really made the point to break up," frontman Andrew McMahon tells Spinner. "We went on hiatus was because we were good friends and we wanted to protect our friendship."

But then McMahon, who took the time to record his first solo album under the moniker Jack's Mannequin, was diagnosed with Leukemia. "Originally the plan was I'd do a Jack's record and then I'd do a Something Corporate record. Clearly, my life changed pretty dramatically in the midst of making that first Jack's record and I went a different direction," he says. "But it hasn't changed my love for what I created in Something Corporate and what we created together as a band."

After years of debating the right time to get back together, the group -- who reunited to perform three songs at Bamboozle Left in Pomona, Calif. in October of 2006 -- are getting together to do the reunion thing right, performing this Sunday, March 28 at Bamboozle Left in Anaheim and again May 15 in Chicago for Bamboozle in the Windy City.

The rest of the article here.

Christmas Gift

Aaron got me a Kelli Murray print from Christmas. It was the Power To The Peaceful print. Ryan and I have been looking at local shops for a frame for it (Michaels, Target, Wal-Mart, etc) and could not find one to fit the print. The print was 14x24 inches. I finally just ordered a frame that I found online and it arrived yesterday. I put the print in the frame and it looks AWESOME! Can't wait to hang it on the wall.


What a WASTE!! Two weeks ago we received a letter. The letter was a notice to be on the look out for the Census mailer that we should be receiving within the next few days. I thought of how much paper and money was wasted. A few days later we received the Census paperwork. Of course I sent it back the same day I received it (I am the type that wants to get things off my to-do list, so I would rather fill it out and mail it back ASAP). Then TODAY we got ANOTHER mailer - a letter that told us we should have received the Census paperwork a week or so ago... I wonder how much money was wasted on the mailings, how much paper was wasted on the mailings, how much time was wasted on the mailings - WHAT A WASTE!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Free Stamp

I have use VistaPrint one other time (for business cards that we had on the tables at our wedding). Last week I went on and ordered a FREE rubber stamp. They will customize it for you, you just pay for the shipping. Ryan and I decided to get a stamp for geo caching. We had seen people stamp their signatures in the past and thought it would be cool to have one for ourselves. The shipping said it would take 21 days, but it arrived today :). We are pumped to start using it :) PS TFTC = Thanks For The Cache.

The Irony :)

Pictures from an email my dad sent :)

IC & Water in Haiti

Invisible Children + charity: water + Haiti from INVISIBLE CHILDREN on Vimeo.

The earthquake outside of Port-au-Prince was the worst natural disaster to hit the western hemisphere in 100 years. While Invisible Children's mission has always been focused on ending Joseph Kony's terror and seeing long-term recovery in central Africa, this tragedy shook us to the core and we felt compelled to act. Winning the Chase grant gave us the opportunity to do that. It liberated us financially to the degree that we could respond to this tragedy in a meaningful way. We promised to send $100,000 to support efforts in Haiti.

The original post here.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spider Cache

Did a little geo caching this morning and found a super fun cache (A SPIDER):

Tie Dye

Instead of dying eggs this year, we decided to TIE-DYE!! We went to Wal-mart today to pick up some plain white tee's (Haines His Way, all the way) and some Tie Dye magic. We won't see the final product until tomorrow when they are done drying, but here are some process pictures:

Shaking the dye:


The kit:

Excited to start (before I saw how crappy mine was going):

Magenta Starbursts:


I was sad because I wanted it to turn out perfect, and I think it will be FAR FROM IT!