Wednesday, October 30, 2013

REVIEW: Muschie’s High Energy Granola Bar

I was sent a Muschie’s High Energy Granola Bar from RunnerBox earlier this month [check out my original REVIEW of RunnerBox HERE {but honestly, what are you waiting for?!}.... And I INSIST you must sign up for a RunnerBox subscription - you will NOT be disappointed! I WILL EVEN HAVE A COUPON CODE SOON SO THAT YOU CAN RECEIVE A DISCOUNT ON YOUR SUBSCRIPTION!!]. 

There are a few things that stuck out with the Muschie’s High Energy Orchards Gift Granola Bar that I received [and YES, stuck out in a GOOD way].

First, they are a Michigan company (located in Rochester, which is right down the street from where we will be spending our Christmas this year). THEY EVEN USE MICHIGAN DRIED CHERRIES IN SOME OF THEIR HIGH ENERGY GRANOLA BARS!


Next, the packaging is CLEAR! This caught my eye because I feel like no one really has see-through wrappers. It means you can SEE what you are buying, SEE what the bar looks like, SEE the deliciousness. Makes me think other companies might NOT want you seeing what they are selling to you prior to you paying for it :).

Also, there are very few ingredients AND I CAN PRONOUNCE THEM ALL! I was sent the Orchards Gift flavor, but all of them look yummy.


Lastly, IT WAS SCRUM-DIDILY-UMPTUOS! I really liked the flavor. The sunflower seeds and other ingredients were delish! And the maple syrup and molasses holding it all together made it sweet, but not too sweet. MAN IT WAS GOOOOOOOOOOD! [Thankfully I ate it as an afternoon snack at work today and didn't have to share it with anyone, because it would have been hard for me to give away any of it :)]

Sometimes I feel like I over use my positive adjectives, or that I am always talking up the products that I receive, but I have to say, I have been very lucky to have been sent AMAZING items, all of which have been tasty and ones that I would DEFINITELY recommend to my friends, family members, and followers.

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