Sunday, February 28, 2010

Surfer Girls

Aaron and I took our surfing lesson at Waikiki last week. We had a lot of fun, but man did our arms get tired from paddling. They took photos, but at $10 a pop we decided to only buy 3. Eric took some shots with the telephoto lens, so hopefully I will be able to post more later. Ryan and I even got a party wave (meaning we rode together on the same wave). Here are the few shots that we have:

Swimming with Dolphins

We went and swam with dolphins in Waikiki. It was part of our Christmas gifts for the family. We all couldn't go together, so Ryan and I went together and then Aaron, Eric, Matthew, Charlene and Jamie went together. They didn't allow us to take our camera with us (which was LAME). Okay, so we didn't buy any of the pictures yet, but at least you can check them out online. :) The proofs are below (but of course have the PROOF word over them)

Go to
Select 'Photos' from the Photos & Gifts menu in the upper right hand corner
Change the location to OAHU
Change the date to 2/24/10
Change the time to 8:45 DUO

(The McClurgs and Leighs did the 9:00 FAMILY program if you want to check out their pics too)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Day Without Shoes!

On April 8, 2010 we’re planning something big. Yes, we’re a shoe company… but for one day, we’ll be asking people around the world to ditch their shoes. Take ‘em off. Leave ‘em at home… and go one day without shoes.

Sure, it’s a little strange. You’re bound to get some funny looks- people asking you “Uh, where are your shoes?”. But at that point, you’ll be able to proudly inform them that millions of children around the world go barefoot every day. Not because they chose to, but because they have never been able to own their own pair of shoes.

The gravel will hurt, the pavement will be cold. You might step on something that makes you say “OUCH!” But that’s the point, isn’t it? Its hard without shoes and its our responsibility to educate our friends and communities.

Visit the official One Day Without Shoes website to learn the facts, browse through photos and videos, and register your support for this world-wide event.

Cake Balls

Mom wants to make some cake balls when she comes out in a month to visit!!

Cake Balls on a Roll in Texas

Cake balls, best described as ooey-gooey cupcakes with two tops, have become a certifiable trend in Texas and South Louisiana.

"We've definitely created kind of a craze," admits Robin Ankeny, the baker behind the Cake Ball Company in Dallas, where the local paper recently ran a story on how to make Valentine's versions of the wildly popular treats.

Cake balls, also sometimes referred to as cake pops or cake truffles, are "a blend of cake and icing," Ankeny explains. "They're hard on the outside, but moist, decadent and rich on the inside."

Cake balls are so simple to make that the Dallas Morning News suggests using them for kid's cooking projects. The basic recipe calls for a whole cake, which is then crumbled up, mixed with frosting, rolled into balls and dipped in confectionery coating.

More of the article here.

Vote for Active Minds

Vote for the most refreshing ideas to win Pepsi Refresh Project grants for Health

Bring attention to the tragedy of college student suicide

About Active Minds, Inc.

Active Minds is national nonprofit with over 240 college chapters. Chapters are student-run to empower young people to talk about mental health, learn how to recognize signs and symptoms, and direct peers to help when they need it. Our goal is to break down unnecessary stigma.

**Provide an outlet for people who have lost friends and loved ones
**Increase awareness of mental health and the tragedy of student suicide
**Develop educational resources with broad appeal and longevity
**Give thousands of young people the opportunity to see the displays
**Hold public education displays that are catalysts for action

Vote for Active Minds here.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mickey Droid

Alert Star Wars Fans: Jedi Mickey’s Own Droid Available April 2010

The creative “forces” at Disney and Lucasfilm are proud to announce an all-new character coming to the Disney Parks in April 2010. Every Star Wars Jedi Knight needs his own Astromech Droid, and Jedi Mickey is no exception. This spring you can find Jedi Mickey’s own droid, R2-MK, exclusively at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.

For those with a sharp eye, a prototype of this new figure has been visible for many months in The Disneyland Story in the lobby of the Main Street Opera House.

Ryan likes both Mickey and Star Wars :) PERFECT!

Happy Heart

Happiness makes for a happy heart

People who are usually happy and enthusiastic are less likely to develop heart disease than those who tend to be glum, scientists said on Thursday, and boosting positive emotions could help cut heart health risks.

U.S. researchers said their observational study was the first to show an independent relationship between positive emotions and coronary heart disease, but stressed that more work was needed before any treatment recommendations could be made.

More of the article here.


Red Vancouver 2010 mittens are the 'must-have accessory'

You've seen 'em during NBC's coverage of the Olympics. Whenever anybody waves to the camera, they're impossible to miss. Unfortunately, they're also impossible to find. They're the bright red Olympic mittens, and it seems like everybody wants them.

Since the Games began last week, online lookups on "olympic mittens" have been soaring. Related searches on "red olympic mittens," "canadian olympic mittens," and "where to buy olympic mittens" surged from nothing into breakout status in the Buzz. And, really, it's easy to understand the appeal. The mittens have a playful classic look, with the Canadian maple leaf on the palm. Plus, they cost only 10 Canadian dollars.

Well, they were only $10. Now that they seem to be sold out at most traditional outlets (or at least very difficult to come by), enterprising individuals have raised the price to double or more. The fact that celebrities like Cindy Crawford and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden have been seen sporting the mittens has only added to their appeal.

More of the article here.

I Love Ryan

Cool DL Site

Welcome to Yesterland!

Did you ever wonder what happened to Disneyland’s Mine Train, Flying Saucers, or Indian Village?

These and other attractions, restaurants, and shops are now collected in Yesterland, a theme park on the Web.

Perhaps you remember some of these attractions from your earlier visits to Disneyland. Or perhaps they were gone before you ever had a chance to experience them. In either case, I hope you enjoy your visit to Yesterland.

While you’re here, please also take a look at the other content, including articles about Disneyland history, guest memories, and side trips from Yesterland.


Busy, busy bee

I have been getting things ready for vacation the last few days (getting groceries, doing laundry, getting packed, cleaning, etc) so I have been slacking in my posting - SORRY CHARLIE!! Ryan and I are very excited for Hawaii. We are pumped for some relaxation, swimming with dolphins, family time, SUNSHINE, etc. Our flight is on Saturday our of LAX around 9am. We will be back the following Saturday evening. We will have tons of pictures and stories, so be on the look out when we return!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Design TOMS

TOMS and TeenVogue Want to See How You Style Your Sole!

How do you express your individuality? Your design could end up as part of a real TOMS limited edition shoe and sold on

TOMS and TeenVogue will select 10 finalists, and then it’s up to you to pick the winner.

The contest will run from February 15, 2010 – April 30, 2010.Voting will be open to participants April 16 – April 29, 2010 and the winner will be announced on April 30, 2010.

The winning prize:
- Shoe design sold on
- Tour of TOMS HQ
- Two coach airfare tickets, two nights hotel stay

Update your Bedroom

10 Ways to Update Your Bedroom...for Less Than $10

In my book, January is synonymous with a clean slate, and what better place to freshen up than in your bedroom? If you've resolved to sleep better (or more!) this year, these small changes will help you achieve those Zzz's you've been longing for --- and on a budget no less!:

1. Scent it
One of the quickest and easiest ways to freshen up your bedroom is with a new scent. Try mixing homemade lavender water for a pre-bedtime spritzer on your linens. Or, place a wickless candle on your nightstand for a peaceful scent as you doze off.
Total cost: $5-$10

2. Rearrange
Take inventory of items around your house. Do you have a side table in your living room that could make a great nightstand? Is there a chandelier in your dining room that could brighten up the bedroom? Rearrange furniture in your home to breathe new life into your bedroom. You'd be surprised at the difference you'll be able to make.
Total cost: $0

3. Paint it
It should come as no surprise that painting is at the top of our quick-fix list. A cheap, quick and easy way to completely overhaul a bedroom, we're big fans. Try a more soothing color such as an ice blue or sage green to promote relaxation.
Total cost: $10

The rest of the article here.

Speed Hugger

Embracing history: Man sets hugs record in Vegas

LAS VEGAS – A 51-year-old Ohio man has embraced the Valentine's Day spirit faster than anyone before, giving 7,777 hugs in 24 hours for a new world record.

Jeff Ondash, who sought the squeezes under the costumed alter ego Teddy McHuggin, broke the record Saturday night outside the Paris Las Vegas hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

"When you hug somebody, they all walk away from each other smiling," Ondash said. "They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away; a hug a day — it's just fun."

Ondash said he wanted to become the world's hugging champion to raise money for the American Heart Association during American Heart month.

More of the article here.

PS His daughter's name is Carlie (pretty close, huh?).

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tattooed Toddlers

Man Arrested for Tattooing Toddler

An Ohio man was arrested after he allegedly tattooed the backside of a 1-year-old girl while she was visiting his house.

MSNBC reports that Lee Deitrick, 20, of Louisville, Ohio, faces felony charges of child endangerment for allegedly putting a permanent tattoo on the child's bottom while she was at his house with a female relative in November. Authorities say the child's mother did not give permission for the tattoo, which is in the shape of the letter "A."

More of the article here.

I Love You Over & Over


Happy Valentines Day :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snowy Country

49 states dusted with snow; Hawaii's the holdout

Forget red and blue — color America white. There was snow on the ground in 49 states Friday. Hawaii was the holdout.

It was the United States of Snow, thanks to an unusual combination of weather patterns that dusted the U.S., including the skyscrapers of Dallas, the peach trees of Atlanta and the Florida Panhandle, where hurricanes are more common than snowflakes.

More than two-thirds of the nation's land mass had snow on the ground when the day dawned yesterday, and then it snowed ever so slightly in Florida to make it 49 states out of 50.

The rest of the article here.

Pelly's Point

Ryan and I went and placed our second geo cache today. We put it down by Tyson Beach. We called it Pelly's Point. Ryan spray painted the Vitamin C bottle camouflage. Since we just placed it today someone has to review it before it can be published (so you can't go find it yet), but we have at least placed it. Check out the starting pictures of the cache:


Ry and I went to look for more sea glass today and found TONS:

And a dog tag (Ryan has been doing some research and hit looks like it was for someone back in the 60s, but who knows. PS We blurred the social security number for the person's privacy):

Another bullet:

A lucky lug-nut:

Pics out the Train

I took a few pictures out the train window when I was riding up to meet Ryan to go to Disney:

The battleship off the coast I saw:


Flag in San O:

Dana Point:


Ryan and I went over to Disney last night for a quick trip (ride a few rides and watch the fireworks). It wasn't nearly as busy as we thought it would be (the kids had no school today, so we figured everyone would be there). We had a lot of fun. Here are some of the pictures:

Us at the front of the park:

VDay Decor:

Ryan and I on Dumbo:

Ryan and I waiting for the fireworks:




Spinning Mickey:

Hippie Carlee:


L is for LOVE:

LOOK WHO WON: (Just kidding, the picture messed up, and the BIG points are Ryan's... but know one needs to know that :) )

Friday, February 12, 2010

Vinyl Ideas

Wear your heart on your sleeve and choose one of our blank Create–Your-Own Vinylmation Mickey figures. These blank vinyls come in an array of colors including white, black, red and yellow, as well as pink and purple. The Create-Your-Own vinyls can truly become a piece of art or a gift from the heart…

Here are a couple of other ideas that may inspire you:

*Express your love, by writing a note, greeting or special message on the blank Vinylmation figure and give them a gift filled with love.
*Newlyweds – Instead of the traditional “guest book” at your reception, use two blank 9” Vinylmation – one for the bride and one for the groom. Have attendees decorate or leave good wishes which can be displayed in your home for years to come. The 3” blank Vinylmation make great cake toppers too.

WHAT A COOL IDEA FOR THE VINYL TOYS AS THE GUEST BOOOK OR CAKE TOPPER - IF ONLY I WOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF IT :) I GUESS OUR SURF BOARD WILL HAVE TO DO :) Ryan and I have 4 of the vinyl Mickey's right now, maybe we will have to do that for a gift soon :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

D-land V-day

Valentine’s Day Horticulture

Red and pink hearts are popping up everywhere for Valentine’s Day – they’re even at Disneyland park.

The Horticulture team at the Disneyland Resort is dressing up floral displays—including pink and red azaleas—with Valentine’s Day hearts, like the display shown here at Minnie’s House in Mickey’s Toontown. You can also see the Horticulture team’s creations at Town Square on Main Street, U.S.A.

If you’re not visiting the parks this week, I’ve heard the horticulture team is planning some other fun surprises for St. Patrick’s Day in March and Independence Day in July.

Even if you’re not visiting on a holiday, take a closer look at the plants and flowers around the Resort. You just might be surprised by what you find.

The original post here.


Do you have them?

6 Personality traits to admire and acquire

Selflessness: In a world where many people don’t have the time or the interest in others, selflessness is a quality that seems to be less and less common. People can be selfless in the time they give, the ability to listen, their level of patience and the love that they give. Those who are giving and generous in nature have the power to make others feel loved, appreciated and special. While those who are self-absorbed tend to do the exact opposite.
Tolerance: Those people who are tolerant make us feel comfortable with who we are and special as individuals. All of us are different, and many of us have quirks and idiosyncrasies. After all, these differences make the world go round. Having the ability to accept people for who they are and not expect them to be who we want them to be is important in life, happiness and in the health of our relationships.
Genuineness: Having the ability to be real, authentic and honest is unique in a world where we put so much emphasis on the superficial. Feeling comfortable in one’s skin and being true to one’s self is one of the most beautiful traits one can possess. To have a REAL relationship with someone requires honesty…it requires hearing and giving input or feedback that may not always be popular…it means having the strength to tell it like it is and to not be afraid to face the consequences for doing so…it means loving people for who they really are…deep down…and not for what they appear to be.
Sensitivity: So often we are focused on what is important to ourselves that we can forget about those around us. Those who are sensitive are often thoughtful, appreciative and loving, in a way that makes you feel understood, valued and respected. Often, sensitive people are also self-aware, making them mindful of how they impact others with what they do and say.
Integrity: Call me cynical, but I think this characteristic is especially difficult to find. In a time when people will do things that are underhanded to make an extra buck (Bernie Madoff…can you hear me?), expose their personal lives to the public so they can be famous (balloon boy’s dad and any other reality TV mongers) and do what feels good in the moment without necessarily thinking of the consequences (Tiger Woods), integrity is a characteristic that is especially unique today.
Humility: Whether someone is super-smart, extremely talented or drop-dead gorgeous, there is something extra special about them if they don’t come across as though they know it all the time. Humility in those that possess extraordinary traits make others feel special too.

More of the article here.