Tuesday, September 30, 2008


In two seasons, tonight the KnightHawks walked away with their FIRST WIN!! Whoo hoo!! I took some photos and some video, I am going to bed so will have to post that stuff tomorrow. Just wanted to let everyone know that they brought home a big W tonight!!

Way to go boys!!


Saturday night, Ryan and I (along with some other friends) went to an art show. It was a benefit for Friends of Toms (I had blogged about TOMS Shoes earlier this month). Although it wasn't directly put on by TOMS, there were many TOMS shoes, etc all around the gallery. I was looking around and found some that were PERFECT!! They had the GANDHI Quote that this blog is based on WRITTEN ALL OVER THE SHOE!! NO WAY... PERFECT!! So I got back and emailed one of the gals that works with them (that actually had posted on my blog) to see if she knew of any info... I said "Hey Caitlin. Wasn't sure who else to contact about this, so I figured maybe if I emailed you, if you couldn't help you could at least direct me in the right direction. Anyway, last night we went to an Art Show in Oceanside, CA that was put on by Friends of Toms. They had some Tom's Shoes around (not for sale, just as props) and I found a pair that had the Gandhi quote on them that is the basis for my blog. The sticker on the bottom said something like: Holiday 2008 10/15-11/15, 11/15-12/15. I was hoping that it meant these would be released for sale in a couple weeks, but wanted to check. Do you know anything about it?!" She sent me an email back saying that they were SOLD OUT - Bummer!! I was just looking on the website today and I FOUND THEM (not the black ones with white writing like at the gallery, but white ones with black writing)!!! Some of the sizes are sold out, but FORTUNATELY mine isn't... So I placed my order!! WHOO HOO!! You should buy some too!!

**"White Canvas Upper printed with the quote "you must be the change you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi.

**Soft leather insole

**EVA sole with textured bottom for improved traction

**Improved fit and heel support

**For every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need

New Candy

When I was getting groceries yesterday after work I saw a new (on sale) candy. I must preface this by saying I don't really like chocolate (well, not 'brown' chocolate). Ryan LOVES Reeses... I saw a WHITE CHOCOLATE REESE so I just had to try it. I bought it yesterday, put it in the freezer when I got home and ate it this afternoon (while doing laundry). I have to say, I really enjoyed it!! It gets two thumbs up from me (although when I was looking online the reviews were lower than satisfactory). If you like white chocolate and peanut butter, I would say give it a try (especially when they are on sale for $.25).

Monday, September 29, 2008


While I was at work this morning Jillian and I heard some loud noises outside. We thought that maybe it was a garbage truck going by or something like that. We heard the noise again... Hmmm... What was that? THUNDER... THUNDER AND LIGHTNING!! It took us a few of those 'booms' to figure out what it was because we NEVER get THUNDER (especially when we had no rain... weird)... And of course, since there was 'weather' today, it made the news :)

SAN DIEGO – Many county residents woke to rumbles of thunder Monday morning, and some commuters were treated to rainbows and streaks of lightning.

Brief downpours were reported in Oceanside, Carlsbad, Mission Valley and Rancho Bernardo. The Oceanside Airport, which recorded 0.05 of an inch of rain, was the wettest spot in the county. Lindbergh Field, San Diego's official weather station, reported a trace of rain.

Rain and strong winds were also reported in Spring Valley, La Mesa and eastern Carmel Valley, according to authorities. A lightning strike reportedly set a tree on fire in Rancho Bernardo.
National Weather Service forecasters said a slight chance of thunderstorms remained for areas west of the mountains until Monday evening. The mountains could get storms through Tuesday.

Historic Day

I am sure today will go down in history... The REJECTION of the Bail Out Plan, The market's downward spiral of the markets (I think by the time it closed it had almost declined 800 points), Wachovia Buy Out, etc... It seems like it is bad news upon bad news... Good thing I have a SAVIOR and that my future does NOT rely on the economy (okay, maybe my future slightly depends on the economy, but definitely not my eternity) .

Wedding Announcement

My mom called this afternoon and let me know that our wedding announcement was running in the Monroe Evening News tonight. I tried to look online, but haven't been able to find it on the website yet. I originally had thought that this would run extremely late (since we had to wait until we got a wedding picture back and then we had to wait the two weeks for it to get space in the paper), but we still aren't legally married (seeing as the County Clerk is... well... inefficient and will not take any type of responsibility, but hey, it's a government agency, what can you expect).

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sustainable Cities

SustainLane Presents: The 2008 US City Rankings
Welcome to the 2008 SustainLane US City Rankings! You'll find extensive coverage on the greening of the 50 most-populous cities in the nation on these pages, and the most complete report card on urban sustainability in America. This report benchmarks each city's performance in 16 areas of urban sustainability, including an essential new measurement this year: Water Supply. Forged in 2005 and now in its third edition, the peer-reviewed Rankings track the unfolding story of cities working to improve their residents' quality of life. In this story, some cities are becoming more self-reliant and better prepared for an uncertain future, while others have been slow to act on opportunities to green their municipalities.

San Diego is ranked #26 of the countries Sustainable Cities.

San Diego created its sustainability initiative in 2002, giving them six years to develop and implement environmental policy. The results have ranged from water conservation plans and emissions controls, to beach clean-up projects and even international partnerships to reduce solid waste. Still, there is room to improve. The city recently passed an ordinance requiring recycling at all private residences, commercial buildings, and city-permitted events. The decision came after the city determined that 37-percent of the waste sent to its landfills could be diverted. The sunny southern California city is taking advantage of its mild Mediterranean climate by creating a solar map that will calculate the area of all city rooftops and how much potential solar energy can be created from that space. The map will also provide estimates of how much money residents could save on their power bills (and also how much carbon output would be offset) by switching to a renewable energy source.

Check out the entire list here.


The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing LOUD for all to hear!

Ryan and I just finished Elf and let me tell you... I AM STOKED FOR CHRISTMAS!!

Weekend Of Service


On October 25 & 26, North Coast Church will once again close the doors during weekend services and send over 6,000 attendees of all ages into the community to complete service projects of all shapes and sizes. From home renovation projects to school landscaping, our church will be tackling projects all over North County.

We already perform at least 1 service project per day throughout the year, but assembling such a large amount of people for two days allows us to do some amazing things! The 2007 Weekend of Service resulted in $1 million in parts and labor, spread out over 92 projects at 54 sites. We look forward to making a big impact this year too!

We currently have about 139 projects over 70 different sites. All projects will be conducted in North San Diego County cities, including Carlsbad, Fallbrook, San Marcos, Oceanside, Vista and Camp Pendleton on October 25th and 26th. Participants will have two four-hour shift options on either day, and the weekend goal is to have the entire congregation participate in some capacity.

Feel free to shop the site and select a project that best fits you. You can serve with your growth group, by yourself or with friends and family. This will be a great opportunity to meet new people and to serve alongside other North Coasters.

You can view projects by organization, skill type, city, preferred date or shift. We have also identified "light duty" and "family friendly" projects for you. Any questions, just let us know and we can help you. Contact Deb Bostwick at deb(at)northcoastchurch.com.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


I have to say, the first half of the Michigan game was DISAPPOINTING! At halftime I wasn't even sure if I wanted to stick with it and watch the second half - BOY am I glad I did!! Maybe this will swing some momentum our way!! IT'S GREAT TO BE A MICHIGAN WOLVERINE!!

Weather Changes

As I was going to bed last night I could feel I was starting to get sick... My throat was burning and felt like something (you can guess what it is) was draining down the back of my throat. Ryan got up this morning around 8:30 to go surfing and normally I would have just got up after he left, started doing things around the apartment, get ready for when he got back, etc, but this morning I just fell right back to sleep. I had thought that the football game (Michigan vs. Wisconsin) started at 9:30am PST so when Ryan got back around 10:30 he woke me up and told me I was missing the game (thankfully the game didn't start till 12:30. Anyway, still didn't feel well this morning after I woke up, so Ryan and I went over to Ralph's and picked up some Green Mahcine Naked Juice (hopefully it will help me back to health sooner rather than later). Since then I have just been lounging around the house and watching some football (Ryan took a bike ride to the beach and then to some friends' place). I am hoping I will feel better soon, but I think it has to do with the change in weather (it hasn't been sunny and 72 lately, more like gray, misty and 60).

Friday, September 26, 2008

Financial Drama

Ryan and I have been watching the news a lot closer lately because of the talks of Washington Mutual going under, declaring bankruptcy, etc... We have both our checking and savings with them. Although the accounts are insured we were still a little nervous because I know how the government is and if we had to go through them to get our funds back WHO KNOWS how long it would take. Anyway, this morning part of our fears came true. I guess early in the hours Washington Mutual declared bankruptcy. I am not sure the specifics (in what order things exactly happened), but JP Morgan bought WaMu out and are now the owners. I was slightly worried because we both got paid today (Ryan's money going direct deposit and mine being a check I would need to physically deposit) and neither of us really carry cash (I only carry enough for about a full tank of gas at a time). I was worried that maybe our check cards wouldn't work, who knows. I got home this afternoon and checked on the WaMu site and was very relieved to read the messages from JP Morgan. I think that they did a great job to calm the nerves of their clients. They walked through what would be staying the same, what would be changing, etc. Check out their little letter to customers here. Hopefully this is a good sign (don't get me started on the economics of the government bail out thought). I will cross my fingers, but then again my hope isn't in what is here in this world...

Outdoor Movie Night

Tonight Ryan and I (we have invited other people to join, but we will see who shows up) will be heading down to the Oceanside Pier Amphitheater (which is an open air one) to watch The Endless Summer. It is set up by Oceanside Free Movies Under The Stars. It is free, so I know it isn't like we will be financially supporting our community, but we still want to go out in full force (so that they don't cancel E.T. in October :)) ). Check out the flyer here. It's not like we don't own the movie ourselves or that we couldn't watch it at any time but we thought it would be nice to take a blanket down to the beach and watch the movie on the 'big screen', maybe it will be sort of like a drive in... Now that I think of it, maybe I will pop some popcorn before we head down and bring it down with us - YUM.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Praise Jesus!

I got a job today! How awesome! I don't even know where to begin. I answered a Craigslist ad Tuesday. The Craigslist said:

Assistant/Receptionist/Customer Service/etc/etc... (Carlsbad Ca)

...I think you get the idea. We have a growing business and could be in need of your help in MANY different areas: answering phones, data entry, customer service, tech support, and sales.
We are a consulting firm located in La Costa that helps business owners save money. Part time and full time positions are available, with hours from 6am-5pm.
You are REQUIRED to be positive (yes, all of the time), coachable, likeable, team-oriented, friendly, ok you get the picture. If you are a negative no-it-all go somewhere else. If you have a passion for helping people and everyone has to ask you constantly what makes you so happy then we may have a home for you.
If interested, please email a resume or a summary of your work history, a little about yourself, and maybe a few things that would make you JUMP out at us when looking through the applicants.
Thanks and good luck!

I sent in my resume, a little about me, etc. They looked over my resume and gave me a call back yesterday. They said that something stuck out and they would love to hear more about me. When I called I left a message with a little more info about me (jobs I've had in the past, things I enjoy, the fact that I am a newly wed to my BEST FRIEND, things that help me stand out, etc). The owner, Matthew, called me back about an hour or so later and asked me if I wanted to come for an interview tomorrow (meaning this morning). I met him at Starbucks this morning at 10am. We went over what the job entailed, etc and about 20 minutes into the interview he offered me a position. He said he got a good feeling about it and wanted me to actually sit in the interviews with the other applicants. So we sat at Starbucks for another 2.5 hours (we had 4 more interviews to go through). It was helpful because I got to hear more about the company, got to get a feel for the other applicants, etc.. They are looking to hire either another full time employee or two part time employees. I think it was the easiest interview I had ever gone through, hehe. They said that they wanted someone positive because they can teach the right person anything, and thankfully I was one of the right people. Anyway, the company is Tru. Check out their website here. The company is Matthew and his wife Jillian. After Matthew and I were done at Starbucks we actually went over to their house (they have the office out of their home (but with a different entrance) to have lunch, talk more, etc. They are a Christian couple that just moved out to San Diego from Atlanta. He started the company 6 years ago. They had dated 5-6 years, got engaged in February and married in August (which sounds EXACTLY like someone else's story I know, hehe). They seem very nice, genuine, and like it could be an amazing fit for me. I started today (I guess) since I was doing the interviews and such, but I go in tomorrow morning to start training. I will keep you all updated. Thanks for all the prayers and everything, God came through BIG!! Praise God!!

Free Disney!

My mom told me about this today and I had to check it out myself...

Disney offering free birthday admission in '09

NEW YORK - Walt Disney Parks and Resorts on Thursday announced a new promotion to admit visitors free on their birthdays next year.

"Every guest gets in free to one of our parks on their birthday in 2009," Jay Rasulo, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, said at a news conference in Manhattan.

Visitors will have to show valid identification and proof of birthdate to qualify. Details are available at http://www.disneyparks.com, where birthday visits can be registered in advance.

Mike Lynn, a professor of consumer behavior at Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration, said admitting guests free to the parks on their birthdays could very well make money.

"The only thing they lose is the revenue from those people whose birthdays it is who might have come anyway," he said. "Having an extra customer in the park doesn't cost them anything. Those people are still a benefit because they have to buy food and drinks, and their friends and family are accompanying them."

The birthday offer is part of a larger Disney promotion announced Thursday called "What will you celebrate?" It includes a 30-city tour with public events featuring Disney costumed characters, beginning in Minneapolis on Sept. 25 and ending in Phoenix in February. Next week Disney will also start running "What will you celebrate?" TV ads featuring kids blowing out candles and brides in limousines.

In addition, the parks will offer buttons to wear that identify guests with phrases such as "Just Married," "Just Graduated," and "First Visit."

"Our goal is to mark the special moments in your life in a way that your family will remember forever," Rasulo said

Check out more of the story here.

SHOCKING Uganda News

Last week, the LRA launched a surprise attack on a village across the border from northern Uganda and kidnapped two classrooms full of 5th and 6th graders. In the past six days, tens of thousands of people have fled their homes, fearing the rebels.

Imagine the headlines an event like this would get if it happened here. 90 kids, stolen, hauled off into the forest to be used as soldiers. And yet somehow, the lives of these children go unnoticed and unmentioned by the rest of the world.

By taking just a minute right now, you can help change that. Click here to tell President Bush that he should act immediately to help protect these children and secure lasting peace.

The lives of these kids matter. They matter to you and they should matter to our leaders.

This week, President Bush scheduled an emergency meeting with Uganda's president to discuss this crisis. It's significant that with everything going on in the world, he made it a priority to meet on this issue, but we know that he won't take the action needed to help these kids unless he hears from us.

Click here to send him an email and let him know that you expect him to follow up these words with the action necessary to achieve peace.

So much progress has been made in the past few years. But these recent events represent a major escalation in violence. We're now going to have to work harder, yell louder and demand more from our government to get us back on the path to peace.

An end to this war is still possible. We've seen the kind of results we can achieve when we come together and act for peace and it's important that we don't let up now.

Your action right now can help bring peace to the kids who have been waiting for so long. Will you take just a minute and speak up for them?

Thank you,
Alison Jones
Director of Advocacy, Resolve Uganda

Small Veins

My parents passed down many great traits and characteristics to me, but unfortunately my mom passed down a couple BAD ones too (like Fibromyalgia and Small Veins). Ryan's parents got Ryan and I a life insurance policy after the wedding. I didn't realize that you had to give a urine and blood sample when insurance policies were taken out (but apparently State Farm requires it). The nurse actually comes to your home to take the samples whenever you are available. We were scheduled to have her come out to the apartment on Monday. Unfortunately she spilled boiling water on her arm Saturday and was unable to take blood until Wednesday (because of the pain medications she was on). She rescheduled for Wednesday, which was fine with us. I know that I have small veins (I hear it EVERY time I have to go in for blood work or an IV) so I was sure to be fully hydrated so that it would be easier for her to find the vein and get the blood. When she got here I warned her that I do have small veins and 50% of the time they go through the top of my hand because they can't find one in my arm. She had Ryan go first (save the harder one for last, hehe). When it got around to my turn she tried once and couldn't find it. She said that it seemed like the needle she had was too big and that it was going through my vein (she said she could feel my vein but that she couldn't get the needle to land in it so that it could get blood). She then asked me if they normally used small needles (yes, they have to use the pediatric size needles for me, not because I am scared or can't do needles, but because my veins are so small that those are the only ones that can actually work with me) and fortunately she had some of the butterflies with her to try. She then tried another vein with the smaller needle. After poking around in that vein for a few minutes (and not finding anything) she moved back to the first vein she tried. Again, no luck. She said that she would have to send someone else out to take my blood another day because she couldn't get it - GRRRR. It wasn't extremely painful (I mean it hurt, but I could handle it), the bummer thing is now they have to come out again (I just don't like the whole feeling of wasting time and not getting things done). I told Ryan at least he knows that I will never become a drug addict that shoots up (seeing as even professionals can't find my veins, just incase he was ever worried (but don't worry, HE ISN'T)! Well, I guess we will wait to see when they will be able to come out next and if they will be able to find my blood (I swear, I have a big heart, I just don't know what they can't find my blood, hehe).

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Office

Who else is excited for The Office to start back up tomorrow?!

WEIGHT LOSS | 09.25.2008 | 9/8c TV-PG

For the first time, we see what happens over eight weeks of the summer, as a Dunder Mifflin weight loss initiative causes the branch to diet and become obsessed with their weight. Michael (Steve Carell) pursues a friendship with his new HR rep, Holly (Oscar nominee Amy Ryan). Jim (John Krasinski) misses Pam (Jenna Fischer) who attends art school in New York. Dwight (Rainn Wilson), Andy (Ed Helms) and Angela (Angela Kinsey) attend to unfinished business. B.J. Novak, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Oscar Nuñez, Brian Baumgartner, Leslie David Baker, Phyllis Smith, Creed Bratton and Craig Robinson also star.

Veggie Menu

So I thought I would pose a question to my blog readers : Do you know of any awesome vegetarian recipes? Now that I am the 'Suzie homemaker' I have been cooking meals every night (ready for my hubby when he gets home). We have tried some great things lately: Taco Night, "Chicken" Garden Salad, "Chicken" Parmesan, Grilled Cheese and French Fries, Taco Salad, Quesadillas, Pizza, Pastas, Salads, Chili, etc. We have some cookbooks that I might pull out this weekend to see what new ideas I could do for next week. Lately I haven't really been 'cooking' more just assembling things (meaning I haven't really had to add a lot of ingredients to anything). Well, if you think of anything, make sure to post it (and then I will let you know how it went over in the P.M. household :) ).

Mental Health Bill

Congress Passes Mental Health Parity
Further Consideration Needed Before Bill Can Be Sent to President

On Tuesday (Sept. 23), both the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate passed bills that will require private insurers to cover treatment for mental illness on the same terms and conditions as all other illnesses.

The House passed the language as a stand-alone bill, while the Senate included it in another measure. Because the bills to which parity is attached are different in form, more voting is necessary. Congress is expected to continue its session next week.

"This groundbreaking legislation will remove an important barrier for those who suffer from mental illness and need treatment," AFSP Executive Director Robert Gebbia said. "Untreated psychiatric disorders are the leading cause of suicide, so this bill is crucial to suicide prevention."

The legislation exempts businesses with fewer than 50 employees. That's one of several compromises that won the bill broad support from the business community and the Bush administration.

AFSP would like to thank Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) and Sen. Pete Domenici (R-N.M.) for introducing mental health parity legislation into Congress last year, and the hundreds of parity supporters who contacted their representative and senators, urging them to give highest priority to ending mental health and substance use benefits discrimination.

Together with other national suicide prevention and mental health organizations, and as part of the Mental Health Liaison Group, AFSP has advocated for over a decade for greater health insurance parity for persons with mental illness and for stopping insurance discrimination of those in need of mental health treatment. Accessible and affordable treatment for the illnesses that can lead to suicide will help save lives.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It seems as though it has been a while since anyone has commented on any of my posts. The views of my site hasn't seemed to drop off, so maybe that just means I am not posting anything that is comment worthy, I'm not sure. Anyway, what I was hoping was that you would just take a quick second to leave a comment and let me know that you are out there. Maybe all the views are coming from my mom and dad (multiple times a day), which is fine, I just wanted to see if I could get a sense of who was still checking in.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Blackie and Bee

Blackie made friends with a bee this weekend. He was a little nervous, so wanted to stay behind the window, but he really liked his new friend Mr. Honey Bee...


Ryan noticed on Sunday on the walk down to Harbor Days that he was wearing ALL green, so we had to take some pictures!!

Fall Time


Q: When is the first day of fall for the year 2008?

A: The first day of fall occurs at the autumnal equinox: Monday, September 22, 2008, at 11:44:16 EDT (15:44:16 UCT).

This date is different from the season of fall, which is one of the major divisions of the year based on the change of weather. In temperate and polar regions generally four seasons are recognized while in tropical or subtropical regions seasons are defined by wet, dry, and sometimes cool. These meteorological seasons are reckoned by temperature, with summer being the hottest quarter of the year and winter the coldest quarter of the year.

The equinoxes and solstices mark the start of spring/autumn and summer/winter. The divisions are based on the rotation of the earth with respect to the angle of the earth. As the earth goes around the sun, picture it looking down on its orbit from above. summer solstice is when the earth's north pole is pointed most directly towards the sun (longest day) - warming the northern hemisphere. Winter solstice is when the earth's south pole is most directly pointed toward the sun warming the southern hemisphere and leaving the north cold. (shortest day) The equinoxes are the midway points between the solstices with the sun halfway between its northmost and southmost points, so we have equal day and night.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

O-Side Harbor Days

Ryan, Kevin and I are going to hit up the Oceanside Harbor Days today. When my mom was here last year we went down there and I remember it was quite entertaining. The tall ships come in to the harbor (aka pirate ships), the have a boat building contest and then race across one of the channels (which is very entertaining to see the boats sink or the crews flip in their little dingies they built), they have tons of little booths and vendors selling crap we don't need, and of course it is outside and FREE.

Event Details
Start Date: September 20, 2008 - End Date: September 21, 2008

Time: 9am - 6pm

Location: Oceanside Harbor, 1540 Harbor Drive North in Oceanside (92054)

Phone: 760-722-1534

Link: http://www.OceansideHarborDays.com

Child Price: Free

Adult Price: Free

Event Description
The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce invites residents and neighbors to come enjoy Harbor Days on September 20th and 21st from 9am to 6 pm! The two day event will feature arts and crafts booths, an abundance of food vendors, and a wide variety of children’s and family activities. This year's event will also include performances by 14 local Southern California bands, Miss Oceanside Pageant, Children's Pirate Costume Contest, Children's Pirate Treasure Hunt, military, police & fire displays, daily pirate ship battle shows, a pirate dinner theater and more! Harbor Days promises to be a wonderful time for the entire family and should not be missed!


When is the last time you went rollerskating? No, I don't mean rollerblading, I mean those old school ROLLERSKATES! I had to think about it. I think the last time I went was when we liven in Monroe, which had to have been BEFORE fourth grade... Until last night. Tiff had her 24th birthday party at a ROLLER RINK last night and we had a blast. We are a little sore today (Ryan has some big knots from falling a couple times and we are both missing some skin from our ankles), but man was it worth it! Tiff used to skate a lot, so she was awesome (as was her MOM and a couple other people), but the rest of us looked quite funny out there.I forgot how big and chunky those skates really were. Ryan and Ty even put on velcro suits and were playing on the velcro wall (wow, that takes me back to the old school CrossRoads days). The place we went was called SC SK8 (For San Clemente Skate). It was probably about a mile (or less) from the beach and all outdoors - so cool. We were there from 9 till probably 11:30 just have a good old, old school time :).

I challenge you all to do something that you haven't done in a long time today - maybe it is buying some marshmallows and making a s'more, or maybe it is going to a park and swinging on a swing... Just thought it might be nice to have everyone remember life during a simpler time :) (you know, the 'good, ol' days)

Friday, September 19, 2008

More Pro Pics

I know, I know, it seems like the pictures are never ending, but I guess when Drew was showing Gordon morepictures he noticed that some of the ones that he had didn't make it on our CDs, so check out the pictures again, we got another 20...


Talk Like a Pirate

September 19th (every year) is International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Check out the website here, and don't forget to talk like a pirate today, matey... Arggggg!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Few More Pics

Drew got a few more pictures for us... The pictures after the ceremony with the families... Check them out if you'd like...


Bloggin' Love

Check out the blog that Lisa put up with some of our photos. I am soooo glad that Ryan and I decided on the button details. I know that a lot of people thought it was a little odd when I was explaining it, but I think they turned out BEYOND what we expect!! LOVE THEM!! Thanks again Lisa!!


And our photo on her Flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lilfishstudios/2868464373/


Lisa's Art

The woman, Lisa, who made the bouquets and boutonnieres for the wedding has a Flickr account. I wanted to post her site here so that you could check it out when you get some time. Her arts and crafts make me smile. Check out her Etsy store also (which is actually where I ordered the button stuff from for the wedding, I contacted her and gave her the colors and we had conversations throughout the whole process). She has another store too, with random little treasures, check it out here. She is slowing down a little (she is having her fourth baby, a girl after 3 boys), but I am sure if you really are interested in something she could work something out with you (cause she is amazing).

Monroe Evening News

I sent in our wedding announcement to the Monroe Evening News a few days ago. I got an email back from the woman that said:

Hello Carlee. I received your wedding information and photo. The announcement will run sometime in the next two weeks as room is available in the newspaper.

Have a great day,
Amanda Langford
The Monroe Evening News

Just wanted to let everyone know to keep your eyes open if you get the Monroe Evening News.

One Month Left - Want to HELP?!

I'm 28% of the way to my goal... Would you like to help??

Dear Friends,

Last year I participated in the AFSP's 2007 Out of the Darkness Community Walk and once this year's information was announced I made sure to be one of the first to sign up. I hope to raise even more funds for AFSP this year and hopefully with your help will be able to meet my higher goal.

I will be joining with thousands of people nationwide this fall to walk in AFSP's 2008 Out of the Darkness Community Walk to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I would appreciate any support that you give me for this worthwhile cause.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is at the forefront of research, education and prevention initiatives designed to reduce loss of life from suicide. With more than 32,000 lives lost each year in the U.S. and over one million worldwide, the importance of AFSP's mission has never been greater, nor our work more urgent.

I hope you will consider supporting my participation in this event. Any contribution will help the work of AFSP, and all donations are 100% tax deductible.

Donating online is safe and easy! To make an online donation please go to the AFSP Community Walk site here (http://www.outofthedarkness.org/) and search for my name(Carlee Padot) in the Participant field on the left hand side of the page. You can then click the "Support This Participant" button on the page.

Thank you for considering donating to this wonderful cause!


Support Me!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Baby Lucinda

Congrats to my cousins David and Dee. I posted about their daughter's birth, but now I found some pictures from my cousin's (David's sister Cara) facebook.

Cara (my cousin, the baby's aunt) holding Lucinda:

My Aunt Linda and Uncle Dave (the baby's grandma and grandpa) holding Lucinda:

What We Need

Save Trestles

Sept 22 Hearing Update

The toll road hearing, next Monday, Sept 22, is fast approaching.

We need you to bring your friends and family! As we saw at the Coastal Commission hearing, when over 3,000 people show up and demand protection of San Onofre and Trestles, decision makers listen! We cannot let the Bush administration overturn a decision that has already been made in California. Get ready! It's time to gather and defend Trestles.

Hopefully you have had a chance to read the hearing procedures: click here Hand-held sings need be a specific dimension (13 x 22 inches). Surfrider will be setting up sign-making stations to ensure everyone has "the right sized signs"; and we'll also be passing out signs already made. Since the hearing will go ‘all day', we are creating interactive stations and planning fun activities outside the hearing (such as, face painting for the kids, frisbee, hacky sack, and of course letter writing stations)! If you can't come for the entire day, please stop by for a bit--just coming for an hour or two CAN make a difference--at this point, public pressure is key to stopping this toll road.

At the hearing, there will be "drop boxes" for letters and we need to fill them up! If you have friends who cannot come, please let them know you can hand-deliver a letter for them. Surfrider, and our partners, will be providing supporters with tee shirts and other goodies (first come, first served). Upon arriving, please check in at the welcome booth. During the hearing break (scheduled at 2pm), we are planning a rally with special speakers. We will also gather briefly after the hearing to re-cap the day and celebrate our efforts!

Other "House Keeping Notes"... We are hoping the list of speakers will be published soon. You can check NOAA's website here: click here and click on "TCA". By Friday we'll be sending around "talking points" to assist you with your testimony (if you are chosen to speak).

We have space in our bus/carpool. If you are coming from Orange County, email Robin: robin.everett@sierraclub.org. If you are in San Diego, email: savetrestles@surfrider.org and indicate if you would like to leave from Ocean Beach or Oceanside. If you are driving yourself, please note there is a $9 parking fee.

Don't forget our street corner demonstration on Sunday before the hearing. September 21st--9am: Street San Elijo Ave and Chesterfield Dr, in Cardiff, CA. Meet us on the corner of San Elijo and Chesterfield in Cardiff, CA (near the Patagonia store). Patagonia Address: 2185 San Elijo Ave Cardiff By Sea, CA 92007. Thanks for your continued support and see you on Sept 22!


So I haven't heard back from the company that I interviewed with last week, so I am still going on interviews and trying to get a job. This afternoon I have another interview. It is with a company called Bunkspeed. They are a 3D Graphic Software company.

BUNKSPEED was founded in November of 2002 with the philosophy that 3D software should be easy to learn,simple to use and produce stunning photographic quality results.

We are privately owned and financed the old fashioned way, creating great products that people enjoy owning. At the core, we are a passionate software development and marketing team dedicated to solving specific challenges in the computer graphics, industrial design and automotive industries

We have established a global team of partners and resellers to provide support to our clients with a complete solution for 3D computer graphics and design.

I will be interviewing for the Office Administration position. I don't know much about what I would be doing. The ad says: We are a growing visualization software company, located in Carlsbad, CA. With our recent growth and success, we need more help with our office administration. We are looking for someone who is experienced in Microsoft Office and feels very comfortable with the computer in general. Strong typing skills and organization skills are a must. A background in office administration is needed as well. We are looking for a candidate that is organized and motivated! This posiiton will be contract to start and can become fulltime employment if the candidate is the right fit. Please visit our website at www.bunkspeed.com and email your resume and cover letter to marie@bunkspeed.com I guess we will just have to wait and see. Keep the interview in your prayers (I really do NOT enjoy the interview process). Thanks all!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008




Do you like them?! Cause we love 'em!!

One Month

Happy One Month Anniversary Ryan, hehe. We made it, hehe, just kidding. I know, I know, we aren't really celebrating every month anniversary. Just thought I would say that I am sooooo happy with our marriage (hopefully Ryan feels the same)! YAY!! Every day is a learning experience, but I am so pleased to be learning right next to my best friend.

I love you babe!!

Jessica's Pictures

Jessica, one of my bridesmaids, sent me a CD with all of the pictures that they (her and her boyfriend Jon) took from the wedding. There are about 115 pictures, so check them out when you get a chance.

Hopefully within the week we will have the professional pictures from Drew back.


Halloween at Disney

My mom and dad got Ryan and I gift cards for Disney. We are going to go soon to see the HALLOWEEN time!

Get ready for gobs o' grinning jack-o'-lanterns, gargantuan candy corn, Disney characters decked out in vibrant costumes and a spooktacular array of attractions and fun! It's Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort, and it's happening from September 26 to November 2, 2008. Treat a family to a boo-tiful visit!

Thanks again for the gift!! WE LOVE DISNEY!

Christmas Music

Just wanted to let everyone that it is okay to start listening to Christmas Music :) I threw in the N Sync Christmas CD on the way home from church Sunday :). Okay, okay, I know, it isn't even Thanksgiving yet, but come on, CHRISTMAS MUSIC MAKES ME HAPPY! So throw in your Christmas mixes and ROCK OUT!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Adam & Courtnay's Recap

Check out a few pictures from Adam & Courtnay's trip down for our wedding. It was AWESOME that they could make it to the wedding and I am so glad that they had as an amazing time as Ryan and I did. Hopefully we will be getting our professional pictures this week and will be able to link them, but figured maybe someone else's recount of the wedding may settle some of your nerves and give you a little more from the wedding.



This is the song I walked down the aisle to... I know it isn't the actual video for the song, but you get the point... (I like Jack Johnson - hope you do too)

Get Ready

International "Hug A Vegetarian" Day is coming... September 26th!!

Who doesn't love "Hug a Vegetarian" Day? It's always a smashing success with tens of thousands of people taking part around the world. Check out some photos here if you don't believe that vegetarians make better huggers!

This year promises to be bigger, better, and even more fun thanks to these Web banners for you to use to spread the word on your MySpace page, blog, or wherever else online. Plus, we have these amazing new signs for you to use at school, band practice, home, or pretty much anywhere you go on Hug a Vegetarian Day! Set one as your default on Facebook to show your love, too!

Get out there and hug your vegetarian (and vegan) buddies—and make sure your friends and family hug it up with you! Snap a picture and we'll post your photo to peta2's Flickr page for everyone to see. You'll even get 2,000 Street Team points! Remember to submit your photo here.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Michaelle House Fundraiser
20% of your order at Ruby’s at the Oceanside pier will be donated towards Fraternity House Inc. Pick up a flyer at the Info Booths (I HAVE A FLYER, SO IF YOU WOULD LIKE ONE, LET ME KNOW AND I CAN MAKE YOU A COPY OR YOU COULD MEET US THERE AND JOIN US FOR DINNER), present it anytime on Fri., Sept. 19. Your support will help those at Michaelle House living with HIV/AIDS.

Fraternity House began operating as a home for homeless youth in 1986. When the AIDS epidemic surfaced, the focus of our organization changed, and on May 31, 1988, Fraternity House was incorporated and became a nonprofit dedicated to providing housing, meals and care to men and women disabled by AIDS.

In 1996, we became one of the first RCF-CI’s in the State, enabling us to admit non-ambulatory and bed-bound men and women with AIDS. In order to meet RCF-CI licensing requirements, we hired Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s) to provide 24-hour care for our residents. In 1997, we opened Michaelle House in response to the growing need for AIDS care in San Diego County. We doubled the number of men and women we can care for at Michaelle House in 1999, which raised our capacity to a total of 20 beds.

Fraternity House, Inc. has evolved from primarily hospice care to becoming the only licensed provider of the full range of AIDS care in San Diego County. We have two caring homes operating at full capacity, with long waiting lists: Michaelle House and Fraternity House. Our residents live in a home-like environment in which we provide them with housing, 24-hour comprehensive care, supportive and rehabilitation services. Click here to read more.

Mighty To Save

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Birthday Finds

Like I said in one of my earlier posts, instead of spending money on new things, Ryan and I decided that we were going to go to a thrift store and buy each other birthday presents. We each had $20 and went on a hunt. Here are a few pictures of the gifts we got for each other.

I found two old school skate boards for Ryan.

Ryan found me a turtle, bull dog and Cool Runnings...

(Ooops, he seemed to spell my name wrong :) )