Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Favorites

Another week down and it's Friday again! And, guess what.... Not only will the hubby and I be going on our weekly chips and salsa date today, but WE ARE PUTTING UP THE CHRISTMAS TREE! I know, I know, most folks wait till AFTER Thanksgiving, but since we will be leaving at the beginning of next week I wanted to get it up before we left. Twinkle lights are my FAVORITE (and not just this week or on Fridays, but EVERY day)! But now to share new favorites with you... So, let's get this party started (and make sure to crank up the Christmas jams while you read today's post ;)).


Can you believe Black Friday is next week?! The holidays are sprinting at us in full speed, so I figured now was as good a time as any to share one of my FAVE campaigns. Two years ago REI decided to #OptOutside on Black Friday. They closed their stores, paid all 12,000 of their employees to head outdoors and started a new tradition. Seven million people joined in, and what started as a moment became a movement. If you know the hubby and I, then you know this is RIGHT up our alley! Last year we were camping in Yosemite for Thanksgiving, and this year we will be in Zion! Whatever you love, wherever you are, REI will help you find a great way to #OptOutside with your family and friends.

Virtual Sock Out 50 Challenge

I was contacted by Kelly (@moremilesmorefun) a couple weeks ago about this AWESOME virtual challenge and I knew I had to tell you all about it! After their Run For Texas virtual race which raised over $50,000 for those affected by Hurricane Harvey, they wanted a fun way where runners can still give back and be active through the holidays.

From November 20 - December 31, they are hosting the "Sock Out 50 Challenge". The challenge is to run a minimum of 50 miles over that timeframe. There is a $5 entry fee to join. A portion of the proceeds from the event will be used to purchase socks from Bombas which are specifically designed to be donated to homeless shelters across the United States. For every pair of socks purchased and donated through the challenge, Bombas will donate another pair. Everyone who successfully completes this challenge will automatically be entered to win a $100 Visa Gift Card!


To go alongside of this, they are setting up a social media campaign, where you can use the hashtag #runkindchallenge to post your Acts of Kindness. This can be picking up trash on your run, paying for someone's coffee after your run, or running to the local fire station to say thank you - they want runners to get creative, be kind and give back!

Unlock Hope Tees

I was lucky enough to win a $25 gift certificate from Unlock Hope a couple weeks back. I already have about 10 of their tees, but I can always add a few more to my closet. This go-around I grabbed the Love Is Why We Are Here and Make Light Out Of The Darkness t-shirts (I also wanted the Focus On The Good tee but it doesn't come in my size).

And in case you don't know about Unlock Hope, let me give you some info. In Uganda, girls aren't given the same chances as boys. Without access to education they often marry young, have large families that they are unable to care for, and are forced to work difficult jobs for very little pay. Since 2008, Unlock Hope has partnered with Think Humanity, an organization that runs a hostel in Hoima, Uganda for young refugee girls from all across Africa, many of whom are orphaned. Solely through the sale of their products they are able to fully fund the hostel and provide everything necessary for these girls to receive an education. Health care, food, tuition, utilities, transportation, support staff, school fees, clothing, uniforms, toiletries, school supplies, books and more are completely paid for - all thanks to their sales!

I saw an ad about this program on my Instagram (normally I hate ads on IG, but you know I have a heart for giving back and LOVE puppies) and had to find out more. This year, when you buy any bag of dog or cat food from PetSmart, they give a meal to a pet in need. They are hoping to donate more than 60 million meals! That's 320 trucks and over 6,380 tons of dog and cat food to 122+ donation locations serving pet shelters and food banks across the US and Canada. Seeing as you have to buy pet food anyway, you might as well help out some shelter animals at the same time, right?!

New Parks Project Vintage Posters

Parks Project released 23 new products last week and a few of them are their new Parks Posters. Let me just say that I think these are going on my Christmas list! I normally don't like "things", but these would be an AWESOME way to commemorate going to National Parks! They come in three sizes and are here in time for the holidays - SCORE! 

These are the four I see us needing almost immediately ;) 

What are you loving lately?

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Rock 'N' Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon Race Recap

Often Las Vegas is about the slots, nightlife and debauchery.... but, for me, Vegas is about miles, smiles and memories!


If you haven't read my recap of the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas 5K race yet, make sure you pop over HERE and see my bad impersonation of Elvis ;) [And check to see if anyone #BeatTheWig.]

Costume complete with wig, cape and "blue suede shoes".

And, now, onto part two of my #RnRLV Remix Challenge - the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon!

This is the only private event that closes down the strip and allows runners to take over the city... Can you say AWESOMESAUCE?! Night races always throw me off a bit (I struggle with how to fuel throughout the day, conserving energy before the race, etc), but that doesn't mean I would ever consider passing up on the celebration that is #RnRLV!

This #FlatCarlee was all about the reflectiveness and glow power ;)
Neon Jailbreak PROs, black Handful bra, reflective Sparkle Athletic skirt, tank from
Sketchers Performance, #WeRunSocial trucker, #WeRunSocial thingamajig, white and
blue QALO silicone wedding bands
, gray and black Momentum Jewelry wraps,
black RoadID, my Garmin Forerunner 735XT, Remix bracelet (so I could
claim my extra medal), cash and ID for adult "hydration" and Brooks Levitate
with reflective Shwings.

The picture on the left has NO FLASH, while the picture on the right HAS FLASH.

Similar to before the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas 5K race, #WeRunSocial was having another meet-up pre-race. The crew definitely turned out and fun was had by all! Even if not everyone has a chance to run together, it is still a BLAST to be able to chat and selfie with awesome runners! (And I love meeting everyone IRL!)

Unlike for the 5K, there appeared to be very little security pre-race. I asked a few folks (both at the "Solutions" tent and officers I saw in the area) to see if there were metal detectors or any additional screening points that we would need to account for... In response, the officer asked "Why? Are you carrying a gun?". This is not to say I felt unsafe or nervous at all, I was just very surprised that for the 5K with less than 7,000 runners we had to have our bags screened, couldn't bring liquids into the area and had officers wand us with metal detectors and yet at the 10K/ Half/ Full with upwards of 25,000 runners there was nothing of the sort. I guess it was more of an observation, that's all.

Even without the extra security, getting to the corrals was a bit of a cluster. Similar to last year, there were multiple colored wave starts. Last year they were UBER strict with the waves and corrals. Let's just say this year was a bit of a free-for-all. Since we were in the first corrals, we had to walk through other waves, and then had to weave through hoards of runners to try and get to our corral. I am thinking they were trying to keep the corrals secure and contained, but having some way to walk to faster corrals instead of having to squeeze through people (like a walk-way or sidewalk on the edge) would have been much appreciated. Starting at the back of the wave and having to "excuse me" through 10,000 runners took a good 20 minutes (especially since we had a decent sized crew trying to stick together).

Where we were for the WRS meet-up (near the Geico Tattoos), we had to walk through all of the yellow wave and then through all of the blue wave.

Once we finally all got to our spot in the second corral, we snapped a couple pictures, observed a moment of silence for those killed in the tragic event on October 1st, sang the National Anthem and got ready to run the #StripAtNight.

No, in fact I am NOT licking Brian's ear... 

MAJOR SHOUT OUT to Richard for so many AWESOME GoPro shots from the course!

There were 10 of us in our crew. The only goal we had was to try to stick together as much as possible and have as much fun as we could. (Dani had a goal of going over 3 hours, but we found that out later in the race.)

Source@FitFam6's Instagram Feed

The first three miles of the course did not have any bands on it, in respect of those killed and injured at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival. The hubby and I had gone to the memorial on Saturday morning (as part of a shake-out run we participated in with lululemon) and the reminders were weighing heavy on my heart. {Seeing signs on crosses written in children's handwriting that said things like "We love you mommy. We miss you mommy." remind you that there are 58 families [and many more friends and communities] missing their loved ones.}

We took the first few miles to remember, to offer encouragement and to thank the officers on the course doing their best to keep us safe {although pre-race security seemed lax, the police presence on the course was definitely ramped up}.

With 10 of us in toe, we decided we all needed a number so we could count off (think of us like a kindergarten field trip) as to not lose anyone. Surprisingly we were able to keep everyone with us the ENTIRE race! We grabbed up a couple different 11s, 12s and 13s, but they seemed to rotate frequently and didn't hang on for more than a mile or two. #IAm3

We stopped for any "character stop" we could find... Star Wars creatures, stuffed bears, light up shoes, you name it!

Let me just say, if you have never run Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas, you are definitely missing out! It is legit a party for the entire race! There are spectators everywhere (some drunk folks are definitely confused as to what is going on) and running down the middle of the strip is unlike anything you've probably ever done. I'm not into gambling nor am I a big drinker, but the environment that is Vegas can definitely be intoxication.

I gave my beer (since I don't drink it) to a couple who got married at the beginning of the race and had met one year previously!

This is the third year in a row that I have run the RnRLV Half Marathon and this was by far the best. Not only was the weather perfect (in past years it has been rainy, windy and cold), but the friends I ran with were amazing! We sang, we helped volunteers hand out water at aid stations, we gave out high fives and we didn't want the party to end.

The aid stations seemed a little short staffed, so why not jump in and help out?!

Don't forget to thank the volunteers and spectators for being out on the course!

With all of our shenanigans, we noticed that our finishing time would probably be slightly under 3 hours. Dani mentioned that it was a goal of hers to go over 3 hours (she actually attempted to do it at runDisney's Wine & Dine Half last week, even waiting to cross the finish line until her watch said 3:00, but her official time was 2:59) so we all agreed to help her meet her "A Goal". Walking it in to the finish line allowed us extra time to enjoy one another's company... which is ALWAYS more important than a race clock. We may not have had a PR {personal record}, but this was definitely the most fun I have had in a race for quite a while (I might just consider it a PR in FUN!).

The Neon Jailbreak PROs glowed in the black light around the course - pretty awesome!

There will always be races that you can run for time, but Vegas will never be one of those for me. RnRLV is always a chance for me to spend time with friends who I don't get to see nearly enough and celebrate what running has given to me. I am forever grateful for the passion, but even more importantly, for the people it has brought into my life.

BOOM! And look at the "glow" of my skirt and shwings! 

Well, and the bling isn't too bad either... The medals for the 10K, Half and Full were probably my favorite Rock 'n' Roll medal I've seen yet. Not only does the die spin, but so does the middle ring (and they spin so smoothly too... I found myself playing with it without realizing it for hours after the race finished). Good work Team RnR!

The Remix medal is for running the 5K on Saturday and either the Half or Full on Sunday

I realize that nothing I can ever say or do will bring any solace or peace to those families and friends who lost loved ones in the shooting earlier this fall, but I hope the race was a tiny light into the Vegas community and helped show people who commit these heinous acts that you CAN'T and WON'T keep us down! #VegasStrong


Are you able to ignore a time on the finishing clock in exchange for fun?

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Walt Wednesday

Some people do a "Wordless Wednesday" post, where they simply share a photo or image, but I thought I'd make a little series out of my Wednesdays. And since I love alliteration so much, why not go with Walt Wednesdays (obviously everyone can use a little break from the seriousness, scariness and sassiness of life - and what better way to help put a smile on your face than with a cute wiener dog picture, am I right?!)... So, without further ado...


When life gets overwhelming, how do you de-stress?

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas 5K Race Recap

Saturday night I ran the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas 5K as part one of the RnRLV Remix Challenge.


If you remember last year, this was the race I ran dressed as the "Welcome to Vegas" landmark sign (complete with battery powered lights). So, as you can imagine, this race is never about a time on the clock, but more about loosening our legs for the following day's race and spending time with friends (oh yeah, and wearing something outrageous).

I hadn't put much thought into a costume, but realized I had a lot of white pieces and might be able to pull off a decent Elvis. I went in search of a wig but they were either bookoo bucks or had terrible reviews. I remembered that the girls from Sparkle Athletic had rocked a wig at a past RnRLV Expo so sent some text messages. The ladies all said they hadn't seen it in years but would keep their eyes peeled. There must have been some hunka hunka burnin' love in the air because a few days later I got a text "I FOUND THE WIG!" If you've seen past costumes of mine you probably know that I tend to wear the same base items (PRO Compression socks, Sparkle Athletic skirt, Handful bra, etc) but it's the accessories that MAKE an outfit! Let's just say I knew the hairpiece would make or break the ensemble.

My #FlatCarlee included: white PRO socks, white Handful bra, white Sparkle Athletic skirt, Graced by Grit delicious half zip, black Road ID,
white and blue QALO silicone wedding bands, blue and yellow Momentum Jewelry wraps, my Garmin Forerunner 735XT, and Brooks
with reflective Shwings (they were as close to blue suede shoes as I could find).

To complete the look I went to the Dollar Store and grabbed some sequence stickers (I didn't want to ruin my Graced by Grit top by hot gluing things onto it like I normally do, so went with something that would be easily removable), snagged a red Sparkle Athletic cape while working at the Avengers Expo and finally had use for my gold Brooks sunnies!

Might as well snag a picture while waiting about 20 minutes for the monorail, right?!

We were having a #WeRunSocial {donut} meet-up prior to the 5K. The game plan was to meet near gear check by 5pm, snag a picture of the crew at 5:27pm and then head to the corrals for the start of the race at 6pm. Well, let's just say the lines for the monorail and security to get into the race area were insanely long and we were a bit late. Thankfully it seemed like a lot of folks got caught in the crowds so our fashionably late entrance wasn't too noticeable.

I may not love donuts as much as the hubby, but I have a hard time passing up a yummy glazed donut hole!


On the way to the corrals I found my good friend Henry and we HAD to snap a picture together! He dresses as Elvis at all of the Rock 'n' Roll events (and at other races), but this was the first time we were actually TWINNING!

Not only does he dress up like Elvis, he runs BAREFOOT!

Apparently the runners in our corral were a little NUTS because we found a squirrel and had our first "character stop".

The game plan was simple - HAVE FUN! And I am super happy to report, we exceeding our goal. Not only that, I would venture to say there were MAJOR improvements on the 5K this year. The course was changed and I greatly appreciated it. The course is an out-and-back which most runners get bored with but I love because you have the chance to cheer on other runners easier. Everything also seemed much better lit than last year and even some of the potholes were filled in (I wasn't worried as much this year about tripping even though I ran the entire night race wearing sunnies!). I wouldn't say it's an amazing race (you are on a dark side street off the end of the Vegas Strip), but the improvements did not go unnoticed in my book! #ThankYouThankYouVeryMuch


Last year I ran the 5K with Brian (of Pavement Runner fame) and Dave (the father of the FitFam6 crew). They joked about making the race about "beating the sign" (little did we know apparently word among participants was they ALSO wanted to #BeatTheSign) but in the end I squeaked out a win (I think the official results had me faster by one second). Well, this year Brian wanted to #BeatTheWig. Around Mile 2.5 he looked at me very serious and asked "So, what are the rules?". We decided at the Mile 3 marker we'd take off and see who could win. Although I had been running perfectly fine with the wig up until this point, when we started sprinting the wig started slipping and blowing off my head. Thankfully the big sideburns gave me something to grab onto so I wouldn't lose the hairpiece... or the footrace!

Our first 3 miles averaged like 10 minute mile pace, but when we sprinted towards the finish we hit 6:15/mile pace!

Official results show he did NOT #BeatTheWig. In fact, we tied! (But, between you and me, I'm pretty sure he threw the race and was holding back because he didn't want to embarrass a dearly departed celebrity. #ChivalryIsNotDead)

Due to the tragic events on October 1st, Rock 'n' Roll changed the weekend a bit and instead of the concert being prior to the race on Sunday, they moved it to after the 5K on Saturday night. The band playing was the Goo Goo Dolls (hello 1990). We didn't stay for the whole show (we were hungry and getting chilly), but what we heard "took us back".

If there could be additional improvements for next year I'd suggest adjustments with the monorail (maybe having "runner only" trains from specific stops {i.e. have empty trains start from each stop at designated times and go directly to the race drop-off}) and with security (don't get me wrong, I appreciated the additional security due to the shooting in October, but have more stations rather than trying to funnel all 7,000 runners plus spectators through three gates).

All-in-all, I definitely enjoyed myself and if I'm not registered for another race elsewhere during this time (in the past we have run a second half marathon on the morning of RnRLV so haven't been in town for the 5K and there's talk of something even crazier for next year), it is one I'd totally run for a third time... the only question is what would I wear?!

These two guys are ROCKSTARS and I'm honored to be their +1 

What is your favorite Elvis song?

Monday, November 13, 2017

Weav Run Streak Challenge

You all know Kelly Roberts, right?! If you don't, you should! She is AMAZING (not only as an encourager to all and inspiration to many, but just as a kick-ass lady) and I am lucky enough to call her a friend. She reached out and asked me to help spread the word about a run streak challenge that is kicking off TODAY. I knew a TON of you would be interested (not only in the streaking portion, but also in the app behind the idea), so wanted to give you a heads up!

Although we live on opposite sides of the country, whenever we get a chance to run together it's always a freakin' blast! #BadAssLadyGang

The goal is simple: run for thirty days straight, at least one mile per day. {November 13th through December 13th}


Why? Because rumor has it that 80% of New Year’s resolutions failed in FEBRUARY, so what better way to close out 2017 than by making that, “I’m going to run/workout regularly” resolution that you gave up on months ago a reality?!


Not only will you deserve a giant round of applause at the end, but if you complete the challenge you’ll earn a chance to win brand new, top-of-the-line running shoes ($150 value), just in time for Christmas (so even if Santa put you on the naughty list you'll have more than coal under the tree). It’s a running challenge fit for the holidays (pun-y, huh?!).
Oh yeah, and the ones putting it on... Weav Run! It’s a brand new app that syncs songs to your running tempo. Every time your foot lands on the ground, their app senses it and adapts the music in real time to match you — run faster, the songs speed up; slow down, so will they. Talk about MIND-BLOWING! I heard about it on a recent podcast that Kelly shared when she spoke with the creators (if you haven't heard to it yet, it is definitely worth the listen - it's hilarious!).


Studies show that being in sync with the music releases endorphins which delay fatigue, help fight pain, and increase performance! Plus — it feels magical to be in sync; it’s a total game-changer for running.


While running for 30 days straight might seem like a Herculean feat, using Weav Run will help to make it a breeze.

Click here to sign up for the Weav Run Streak challenge!

And, don't forget, running is supposed to be ENJOYABLE (although, I will be the first to admit, it isn't always easy - but having a challenge like this will help you stick it out when the going gets tough)! Let's use these next 30 days to shake off that holiday fog, run for fun, or give the gift of running to someone you love and encourage them to give it a try.

So, I guess the last (and probably the most important) question to ask is, WHO'S GOING STREAKING?!


Do you listen to music while you run/ workout?

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Workout Recap - Week 45

Sunday, November 5th – 3 mile run with the hubby, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Monday, November 6th – 10 mile run, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Tuesday, November 7th – 60 minutes on the stationary bike, 3 mile with the hubby, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Wednesday, November 8th – 12 mile run, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Thursday, November 9th – 5 mile run with the hubby, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Friday, November 10th – Rest Day, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Saturday, November 11th – 4 mile lululemon shake-out run & RnRLV 5K

This was a busy week - not only for workouts, but just for life in general. I can't believe I hit 40 miles this week (and loved that I was able to get in four of the runs with the hubby)! We are entering the holiday season, where life goes into overdrive, but I am stoked with how workouts have been going lately (even if I'm not currently following a training plan).

How were your workouts this past week?