Thursday, April 30, 2015

PROBAR Blogger Network

I tried PROBAR for the first time at the beginning of last year. I got a package of the Orange BOLT Chews in my April/ May Runnerbox and was stoked to give them a go on my first ever 19 mile run (check out the recap here if you are interested).

Later in the year I reached out to PROBAR to see if they would want to team up for a review and giveaway (it never hurts to ask, right?!). To my surprise, they were thrilled to work with a blogger like me ;) Obviously the giveaway is WAY closed by now, but you can still skim the review of the Bolt Energy Chews if you are interested in being #FueledByPROBAR like ME!

To my surprise I received an email last month which I was NOT expecting. PROBAR wanted ME to be part of their Blogger Network! WHAT?! ME?! At first I wasn't sure if they sent the email to the right person... I mean, sure, I am a blogger and love the product, but at times I think my mom might be the only one reading this ;)

Obviously I JUMPED at the opportunity! SIGN ME UP (I knew I better say YES before they change their mind about having me on their team :))! They are an awesome company with fabulous products and an even better mission behind the REAL FOOD!


The AMAZING folks over at PROBAR wanted to make sure I knew what I was repping, so sent a HUGE care package! I mean REALLY BIG!


A little PROBAR love

Taking pictures laying down is harder than I thought it would be...
#DoubleChin Anyone?! 

I mean, honestly, who wouldn't want ME as a part of their Blogger Network with a face like this?! ;)

Not only did I get #AllTheGoods, but YOU are in luck too! They sent me a coupon code for my friends, family and followers! Use "MCCLURGC15" and save 15% off any purchases from the PROBAR Website (which includes individual products, variety packs and even the gear).

PS This was more of just an "exciting announcement" type post. I am planning on doing a review of each product type over the next couple months (once I work through all of the delicious flavors, that is). Make sure to be on the look out for those in the coming weeks!

Have you ever tired PROBAR?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

May is Mental Health Month

If you have been around my blog for a while, you know I have a passion for mental health. I have teamed up with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention for five years now, fundraising a total of $5,840 during that time.


PLEASE HEAR ME! I am not saying this for a pat on the back or to hear a "way to go". I simply want you to understand that this cause is NEAR and DEAR to my heart!

May is Mental Health Month. Each year millions of American face the reality of living with a mental health condition. During the month of May, NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Health) as well as many other organizations around the country battle to bring awareness to mental illness. [Source]


Two such institutions are: San Diego County Suicide Prevention Council and Optum San Diego - AND THEY ARE RIGHT HERE IN MY BACK YARD!

These organizations are trying to fight stigma, provide support, advocate for care, and educate the community when it comes to mental illness. They will kick off Mental Health Awareness Month by offering two trainings, QPR Suicide Prevention Training and Youth Mental Health First Aid. Both of these will be available at NO cost, but space is limited and registration is required!

This training is TOMORROW, but if you have the time - I would MAKE IT A PRIORITY!

If you are in San Diego and have any adolescents in your life I would URGE you to take this course!

These trainings can help prevent suicide and support a young person in crisis. If you have any questions, please visit for more information. 

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Tenacity Media

Treadmill Runner

Don't get me wrong, I will probably never be a RunEMZ or a StuftMama (although if I could be half the runners or women that they are I'd consider myself a lucky lady), but we did add a TREADMILL to our home!

Saturday afternoon we helped a framily member move. They were making piles for "keep", "giveaway", and "garbage". When we went into the laundry room, I heard a "Carlee, do you want a treadmill?". Usually I would have said no because we didn't have the room (even though I would have LOVED one), but for Christmas we gifted our guest bed to a friend so our office was now WIDE OPEN!

I chatted with Ryan and we decided to grab it up (oh yeah, he also lucked out by getting an Xbox and mini amp as well, so we both had some MAJOR scores)! He went with a friend last night to pick it up and move it over to our place.

Office turned gym :)

Seeing as I am currently in my taper for the Eugene Marathon, I have fewer miles on the calendar. Today's schedule had me running an easy 4. Normally I would run to the nearby park and back for my standard 4 mile loop, but figured why not test out the treadmill?!

I was able to get in the 4 miles in our office (turned workout room). Next time I think I need to open the window and turn on a fan because man oh man do I sweat a ton on those things! I started out around a 8:30/mile pace and finished closer to 7:30/mile.

I might not have PRO form when I run, but I'm working on it ;) 

Next time I will turn this little fan ON!

Please ignore the laundry hanging in the background and the pile of
pillows from our recent house guests on the floor!

Yes, this is my sweat flung on the treadmill. It is mostly from
my elbow-pits, but let's be real - I am a sweaty pig when
I get on a treadmill!

Honestly I know very little about this treadmill other than it was free and it works. I don't think it will be my go-to for running (we live about a mile from the beach so it is pretty hard to pass up the views I normally soak up on my runs), but I'm excited to use it for speed workouts and on the three or four days a year that it rains in SoCal. I have also seen some pretty fun looking workout on Pinterest for the treadmill that might be worth giving a go!

Ryan normally runs on a treadmill at work during his lunch breaks. Now that we have one at home it might be harder for him to "miss" a workout. {Insert evil laugh here} I'm not sure he'll think this was such a good deal when I become a treadmill slave driver :)

What are your thoughts on the treadmill? Love it/ hate it?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

runDisney Disneyland Races

A little while back, Megan, one of the co-authors of The Runners Guide to WDW and the Dewey in our ducky trio, asked me for some help with a post about runDisney Disneyland Races.

Sorry, but I will NEVER get sick of these photos (or amazing memories)

I am definitely not a runDisney professional, but have run my fair share of the races at the West Coast's Happiest Place on Earth :) I haven't run all of the shorter distances at Disneyland, but have done all of the half marathon races (at least once) -

When Megan asked me what my favorite part of the Disneyland courses were, I had to give it a little thought. I would have to say, my main focus for a runDisney race is NOT the course. The PEOPLE are what make it so magical to me (and the bling isn't half bad either). With that being said, there are still some amazing features that come along with running a Disneyland runDisney course!

THE PARKS! Nothing beats running down Main Street with friends, family, spectators, and complete strangers cheering you on. Running through Sleeping Beauty's Castle, racing through the neon lit CarsLand, circling World of Color, it is pretty PERFECT! Depending on the race, the amount of park time will vary, but whatever the distance, make sure to soak up every moment! This is also where all of the photo ops for character pictures can be found, so jump in line and make friends with fellow runners while you wait.

These are a couple of the pics I took in the parks during the 2013 Disneyland 10K

Angel Stadium. Even if you don't like baseball, running through a major league field is pretty amazing. Personally I like it best during the Disneyland Half when it is filled with screaming Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, but even during Avengers it is spectacular! And don't forget to check your self out on the JUMBOTRON in the outfield!

Megan and I running through Angel Stadium during the
2012 Disneyland Half Marathon (my first half which
SHE talked me into running :) )

The Entertainment. Recently runDisney has been reaching out to local CosPlay groups to help add some additional fun and excitement to the courses (and truth be told, I have heard a lot of runners saying they like these characters better than the ones in the park... their costumes are top notch and there is hardly ever a line for a photo) {CosPlay participants have been on both the Avengers and StarWars courses and hopefully they will continue to be involved in the races.}. Whether or not you enjoy the characters, there will be something along the courses to aid in your entertainment (anything to help keep your mind off the severity of the task at hand is WELCOMED, at least in my book). The courses have marching bands playing, cheer teams cheering, dance groups dancing, classic cars honking, running groups passing out candy, tissues, and even popsicles, and so much more. AND THE SIGNS! How can I forget the spectator signs?! Every once in a while make sure to read a few as you zoom pass (and remember not to spit out your water on the runners near by if the signs are funny).

Love that Ken from Superhero Events dresses up and gives out FREE HUGS!

World Class VoluntEARS. As with all runDisney events, the voluntEARS definitely help make the race! Most of them are there before the runners arrive and stay until after the last participant leaves. They are there to help make your race and experience as magical as possible (so make sure to give them a wave and a big THANK YOU when you see one!). They are always wearing a smile (no matter the weather or conditions) and will totally go the extra mile for you.

Fellow Runners. I know, I know, these aren't all about physical locations or attractions on the course, but I feel like they are aspects that MUST be mentioned. The runDisney environment is one that is welcoming and generally a non-comptetive atmosphere. Of course someone wins the race, but the majority of participants are there with their love of running and fun spirit in-toe. It is hard to top all of the encouragement and support one feels along a runDisney Disneyland course (and the costumes are hard to beat too).

I have met and made some amazing friends through my runDisney adventures!

If you have never run a Disneyland runDisney race, I would strongly urge you to sign up (but you MUST sign up early as they are growing in popularity and sometimes can sell out within minutes of opening registration). And if you do come run, make sure you say HI!

Have you ever run a race at Disneyland before? If so, what is YOUR favorite part of the course? If not, would you ever consider running one?

Monday, April 27, 2015

MUST Watch Monday

I came across a few MUST SEE videos this weekend that I thought I should share. I mean really... Who doesn't love a great YouTube video?!


One of our drivers, AJ, made a video of our #Ragnar4Rett experience. Let me warn you - YOU MAY WANT A BOX OF TISSUES NEAR BY :)

(PS Just in case you missed my posts about the race, feel free to check out the links below!)


90s Disney by Todrick Hall (ft. Shoshana Bean)

You know I LOVE me some Disney. I also LOVE a good 90s jam too. Mashing them together just sounds like a lot of PERFECTION, doesn't it?!

(And yes, I HAVE had "This Is How We Do It" By Montell Jordan stuck in my head all day. Hopefully you do too ;) You're Welcome!)

Jack Johnson "Angel"

I actually walked down the aisle to this song almost 7 years ago. Every time I hear it, it reminds me that my hubby loves me more than I will ever truly realize (and how amazingly lucky I am because of that fact).

There is nothing spectacular about the video (someone just put the lyrics to the music), but I hope you can find a song that makes you feel as special as this song makes me feel. 

Any videos you have seen lately that I just MUST see?! 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

North Coast Church - Weekend of Service

Source: North Coast Church's Facebook

Yesterday morning Ryan and I participated in the North Coast Church Weekend of Service. It is one weekend (every 18-24 months) where church STOPS all weekend long and everyone goes out into the community to be God's hands and feet.

Source: North Coast Church's Facebook Feed

Feel free to watch last week's sermon from Pastor Larry about why we do what we do the way we do it.

Since Ryan volunteers with the 9th and 10th graders, we decided we would sign up to work their project with them. We ended up over at Green Oak Ranch, which operates as a Christ-centered camp, retreat, and recovery program for those battling against alcohol and/or substance abuse.

The church has left the building!

The students starting to arrive

The group getting ready to pray before starting the day's work

Three of Ryan's small group guys were there, so we teamed up with them for our first project - digging a 3 foot deep hole for a pole ;) The 9/10 group was helping to create a low ropes course on the campus and the five of us were designated to create the pole/ tire team building activity (where a group will have to work together as a team to lift a tire up and off of the pole without touching the pole or they will have to begin again).

They look ready, right?! 

The buckets were ready, so we better get to it!

The issue? THE GROUND! I don't know if you are aware of this, but the ground in California is HARD... LIKE ROCK HARD! We were having to dig through cray-cray clay, rocks, etc. Originally we only had a pick-axe and a couple shovels - which made the work pretty slow going. Eventually we were able to get a couple steel pike poles to help us break up the ground a little bit more.

Those poles REALLY helped!

Slowly buy surely we were finally able to get the hole deep enough for the pole. It was really a team effort (with most of the work falling on my loving hubby's shoulders ;)).

We put in the pole, filled the hole with quick-crete, and
got the site ready for team building enjoyment!

Well, as luck would have it, since we were professional hole diggers, we moved to another area of the course where folks would jump from one stump to another... and dug more holes for the stumps to sit in.

One of the kids brought a "hand held chain saw" with him, so they had to try it out!

Source: Fuel 9/10's Facebook Feed
Our second round of hole digging... 

And although the property is like a rock's throw away from our best friends' house and we also have a friend staying at the ranch for recovery we have never really been on the property. It is honestly like a little Wild Animal Park in the middle of Vista. They have such a beautiful grounds (and tons of animals - like donkey's, tons of goats and sheep, a petting zoo, etc).

One of their gathering areas on the property

Some of the landscaping going on by other groups at the Ranch
Source: @NorthCoastTalks Twitter

They had a ton of baby goats here. The looked SO FLUFFY!

I had to take a quick break from digging to pet this friendly donkey!

Ryan and I had only signed up for the 8am-12pm shift on Saturday, but they have shifts all weekend long (Saturday and Sunday from 8am-12pm and 12pm-4pm). North Coast was hoping to mobilize at least 10,000 of the weekly attenders on 400+ projects throughout the community. I can't wait to see all the before and after shots of everything we were able to accomplish this weekend!

It is tough work, but it felt great to get out there and really
BE the church... 

We are blessed to bless others! Although we are a bit sore from all of the manual labor, I am sure God is smiling down on North County because of all of HIS love being showered on our neighbors.

Do you enjoy volunteering?

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Workout Recap - Week 17

Sunday, April 19th – 5 mile run 

Monday, April 20th 7 mile run (4 on my own and then 3 with the #BostonStrongSD Meet-Up), Foam Rolled & Stretched 

Tuesday, April 21st –  Strength Training (abs, back, arms and legs), Foam Rolled & Stretched

Wednesday, April 22nd –  5 mile run, Foam Rolled & Stretched 

Thursday, April 23rd – 19.5 mile bike rideFoam Rolled & Stretched

Friday, April 24th– 12 mile run, Foam Rolled & Stretched 

Saturday, April 25th – REST DAY (4 hours of Weekend of Service with North Coast Church followed by 4 hours of helping framily move), Foam Rolled, & Stretched

Only two weeks left before the Eugene Marathon. Although I was not running super high mileage during my marathon training, I am still starting a bit of a taper before the race. This week's long run was "only" 12 miles - and was actually my final double digit run before the marathon. I can't believe that in 2 weeks I will be finishing my FOURTH FULL MARATHON IN LESS THAN A YEAR... WHO AM I?! 

How were your workouts this past week? 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Final Double Digit Run Before Eugene

It seemed only fitting that for my final double digit run before the Eugene Marathon, Mother Nature decided to open the sky and let a little rain appear (seeing as Shelby sends soggy shots of her wet runs what seems to be every week or so).


Other than the rain, it was a pretty relaxed run. I kept the pace a little under 9 minutes/ mile, which felt totally manageable.

The snow plovers!

12 DONE!

I wore my new Athleta skirt for the run and it worked GREAT! The skirt didn't bunch between my legs, the shorts stayed put (thanks to the non-skid "rubber band" in the fabric), I didn't have any strange rubbing or chaffing, and the bangin' color helped brighten up the grey day. [If you are interested in one of your own, you can order it here, although it looks like the florescent yellow color is no longer available online.]

Today's mantra came from my tank: Embrace the Hill. Embrace the Weather. Embrace the Run. Embrace IT ALL. I just kept repeating it the entire run. You never know what the route, the day, the run will bring - we need to embrace every step as a gift and run accordingly! [And PS if you want your own Embrace the Hill or other amazing gear - check out RunFarShop]

And now it is time to give my legs a little rest before the race... Holy crapoly, how is it only two weeks away now?!

Do you enjoy running in the rain?