Friday, September 30, 2011

Someone Like You

Official video released yesterday :)

Music video by Adele performing Someone Like You. (C) 2011 XL Recordings Ltd

Magic Happens

Great ad by Disney, it won a Silver Lion at Cannes' Festival 2002

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Real Love

My hubby really loves me!

I know, it is an inside joke, but come on... It MUST be true love if your husband will make you a picture that says ""I dig a hole to his heart"" and a picture of a mole, even though he doesn't like moles (other than ME)!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Post Season

Chrysler Eminem Commercial meets Detroit Tigers


Squirt Bottle

Like I mentioned a few posts ago, we got a bit of stuff from my office (since we are moving to an awesome location this week). We got 2 plants that we put out on the porch on Friday. The issue we have been running into with our plants is that Chubs (our humming bird... well, I don't want him, and don't want him to be 'ours' but it seems as though he adopted us, NOT the other way around) sits on our plants. He hides in them so that when other hummers come by he can swoop and scare them away. The closer he is, the better chances he has to scare away from other birds (meaning the plants under the feeder are a great hide-out). He has already killed one of our plants (due to him POOPING all over them). Well, he hasn't been in the new plants until today. I saw him sitting in the plant this morning and I HAD IT. I emptied one of our Windex bottles (don't worry, I cleaned it out, I am not THAT mean) and decided I would spray him with water, through the screen, and scare him off the plant. Well, I think I squirted him two times and haven't seen him since :) I mean I have seen him around our place (in the palm tree by our bedroom window), but not on our plant. We are keeping the Windex bottle on the sill, so maybe he sees it and it is scaring him away, hehe. And then we had a family (well, they all looked cute and small, and a little yellow-ish in color) all feeding after I scared Chubs away (I think there were 5 or 6 of them all eating at the same time). Hopefully I will get some pictures of the congregation of hummers soon :)

Michigan Sports

WOW! This was QUITE the weekend for Michigan Sports!!

Yesterday, the Michigan Wolverines beat up on SDSU 28-7 (which was especially nice since we live in San Diego territory).

This morning the Lions won in OVERTIME 26-23 over the Vikings.

This afternoon the Tigers beat the Oriels 10 to 6.

And then the Red Wings beat the Blackhawks in a shootout 4-3.

WAY TO GO GUYS!! Keep up the GREAT work!!

Harbor Days - PIRATES :)

This morning Ryan and I headed over to the Oceanside Harbor for Harbor Days. Ry and I love going down there. Not only is it great to support the local economy, but WE LOVE PIRATES :) We went too early for the Nail and Sail, but we were RIGHT ON TIME for The Pirates Charles. I took a quick video of them rocking out (and the crowd - including many pirates).

While we were watching the entertainment, Ryan saw Red Beard (or at least that is what we called him) over my shoulder. He snuck a picture of me, but he was actually sneaking a picture of the pirate. Oh how I wish Harbor Days was EVERY weekend!

PS If you didn't click the link for The Pirates Charles, I would HIGHLY recommend it. And check out more of their videos :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Accessories - DR

Do you remember the post I had about a month ago? The one about me winning some AWESOME vinyls through a contest with Beardowear and beepart? If you don't - check it out here.

Anyway, the vinyls came earlier this week. Ry and I decided to put them up last night. Obviously with SO MANY awesome vinyls it was hard to choose. We finially narrowed it down to something for our dining room wall (since it was pretty.... uh.... LAME). Ry and I both like the tattoo-ey look, and there was a banner with swallows on the ends that we loved. Since we were putting it in our dining room we decided we would try to have something about 'yummy' or food or something in the banner. We finally picked "Life's Sweet".

Just like the post from the New Accessories - Living Room Edition, these pictures were taken on my webcam. Please bear with us while we take some better pictures on our good camera, but at least you get a few "process" shots of hanging the vinyl.


[the before]

[Ryan smoothing it down]

[the after]

[close-up/ straight on]

New Accessories - LR

We are moving offices at work, so my boss has been cleaning house. Ryan and I have been BEYOND BLESSED with all of the things that they have given us. Some of the items included: desk, desk chair, rolling cart, plants, cooler, some food items, 2 leather chairs, and a COMPUTER (okay, the computer was a birthday/ Christmas gift, not just a 'we are moving, would you please take it' gift, but STILL!). With all of the new items we have been having to reorganize the house a little. Last night I took a few pictures with the webcam on this computer so that at least you could get an idea of where we are going with the living room (and the new chairs).


We will take pictures with an ACTUAL camera soon, I just figured I would get something posted before I forgot about it.


Check out Adam Ben Ezra’s take on Dexter’s opening theme (Morning Routine) and ending titles (Blood Theme) combined.

Love the ending :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Check out my AWESOME Daddy-O!

[This one of our favorite board members with the display that he made for our New Recycled Paint that we have at the Habitat ReStore Monroe. All of the items used in this display we donated as well as the time he took to build it! Thank You Paul!!]

**He is on the board at the Habitat for Humanity in Monroe, MI. They currently have a ReStore (similar to a thrift store, but for building type stuff). He built the shelf in the picture, and is building 2 more, so that the ReStore can be organized and AWESOME. HOW COOL, HUH?!**

Bongo Man

GameDay Tradition - Ann Arbor's The Bongo Man

Michigan State's Zeke the Wonder Dog. Wisconsin's 5th Quarter.

GameDay traditions that only your school would know…what’s yours?

iHop & FBI

Not sure what is going on, but they say Homeland Security and the FBA are involved...

Police raid 3 iHop locations in Toledo area

Toledo police have raided three iHop locations in the Toledo area.

Homeland Security and the FBI are involved with the Toledo Police Department assisting. Additionally, the Homeland Security confirms search warrants were issued at 6 a.m. for various iHop locations. We are confirming all of those locations. We do know a police car and uniformed officer as well as some unmarked cars are at the Talmadge Road location.

They have only revealed so far that it is a closed investigation.

We have learned they are investigating terrorist accusations including money laundering as well possible illegal workers at many areas across the country right now. It is not yet known if all the locations nationally are iHop restaurants.

The rest of the article here.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Great Lakes Proud

My mom got me a Great Lakes vinyl sticker for my birthday. I put it on my car yesterday. I LOVE IT. The company is Great Lakes Proud. Check out their site and store here. And their Facebook page here.


This may seem like it is coming out of left field, and it sort of did. Maybe two weeks ago wile I was driving home "lightning struck my brain"...

(see minute marker 1:18)

Ryan has wanted a motorcycle for a while. I told him if he made money outside of his normal salary that he could use that for a motorcycle. He has been doing freelance through my boss, as well as doing a little outside work with friends (helping out at a wedding, possibly painting, etc).

Anyway, my epiphany...

I thought that we could take his Element to CarMax and see what we could get for it. I thought if we could get enough for it he could use the money he gets to get a truck and a motorcycle. Since he isn't commuting like he used to be (he was driving about 75 miles each way every day), he doesn't need a new car or anything like that - just a surf-mobile. Ryan liked my idea, so we took the Element over there last Sunday (the day before Labor Day). The process was quick and easy. They offered us a LOT more than what we thought they would. We figured we would think about it for a few days, since we had 7 days to take them up on their offer.

On Wednesday, the day before we left for Michigan, we took the Element back in and got the money they were offering us for it. Ryan has been looking for a truck - a Ford Ranger (USA Made ONLY for me). He was using my Focus while I was in Omaha for training, and went down to San Diego yesterday with a friend to check out a truck he really liked. He ended up buying it and driving it home yesterday.

We have been cleaning it out the last two days and it is getting primo :) Ryan just got back from the car wash. It is a 2000 Ford Focus. Has about 90,000 miles on it. Automatic. 4 cylinder. Green in color (hence the name Verde). We haven't taken too many pictures (since it was grimy and not beautified yet), but here are a few.

We will be sure to post more once Ry puts his stickers on it and makes it his own.

Under The Lights

Saturday was my birthday AND the first Michigan NIGHT game. We headed to Ann Arbor a little early because Ryan wanted to walk around campus a little (we haven't really walked around since we graduated 5 years ago, so it was cool to see everything). We tail gated for a while and then headed over to the stadium. My parents came up to tail gate (and drive our butts around) and then we used the McClurgs season tickets with them to go to the game (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US :)). The game started off BAD. I think we had 3 first downs during the first half and probably 4 interceptions. We were down by a bit and our morale was pretty low. But the fans kept up the cheer and the team came back to win TWICE (I know, I know, you can't win twice, but with 74 seconds left we scored a game winning touchdown, then Notre Dame scored another touchdown, then with 2 seconds left we scored the second game winning touchdown). It was INSANE! One of the best college football games I can remember going to (the overtime win against MSU was a top one too). AN INSTANT CLASSIC :) There are a lot of regulations on what you can bring into the stadium, so we could only take in the little point-and-shoot camera, but we still got a few pictures. PS If you haven't watched the game or at least the highlights I would STRONGLY suggest at least watching the second half!

[the diag]

[fountain in front of where they were doing game day]

[padots tail gating on the roof of one of the parking lots, the stadium in the background]

[under the lights - first night game]

[ry and i in the awesome seats]

[the field behind us]

[shut up - 2 SECONDS left?!]

[we were SOOOOOOOOOO stoked - and partied long after the team had left the field]

The rest of the pictures can be seen here.

Soggy Tigers

I haven't started posting about our trip back to Michigan (we were enjoying our families and then I was in Omaha, NE for training and am just starting to get things back under control). Let's start from the beginning.

We flew out on Thursday afternoon. Our flight was at 1:10pm. We had a straight through flight (which I believe was my first one - AWESOME). We landed in Detroit around 8:00pm. Everyone started turning on their phones and we started hearing about the BLACK OUT. San Diego (from Arizona to the coast, from Orange County down to Mexico) was having a big black out. We were told that the power went out around 3pm and no flights were leaving San Diego (because they couldn't do security and everything like that). Looks like we just got out in time.

Friday morning we had to take Quincy (one of my parents' dogs that was attacked by another dog) up to the vet/ doggy-dentist in Ann Arbor because part of the appliance that they put in his mouth was breaking. After that we met up with my dad in Monroe for some lunch, went to Scoops for some ice cream and then were on our way to the Tigers game. The weather was pretty pootsy, so thankfully we had stopped at Meijer earlier in the day and picked up some ponchos.

The game was delayed for about 45 minutes, but then started right up. It was rainy/ drizzly on and off for the game (not to mention the torrential downpour on the drive up there), but we still enjoyed ourselves. The Tigers were down 0 to 4 in the first inning (we thought it was going to be a LONG game in the rain if it continued like that), but they came back and won it 8 to 4. I think there were 3 or 4 homers. We even ended the night with fireworks.

Some pictures from the game (PS It was Ryan's first Tigers game):

[mis padres]

[madre and i, with padre in the background]

[look at what they did for our birthdays - WE WERE ON THE JUMBO-TRON]

[homer swing]

[he went yard]

[get on the rain gear]

[we are the champions]

[soggy, but happy family]


[ry liked the way the fireworks lit up the score board]

PS More of our pictures can be found here.

Yesterday Highlights

Highlights: Michigan vs. Eastern Michigan

How did you LIKE yesterday's ground game?

1. Denard Robinson: 26 carries, 202 yds, 1 TD
2. Vincent Smith: 9 carries, 118 yds
3. Fitz Toussaint: 11 carries, 48 yds, 1 TD

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Prison and Brothel Ministries

I met Melonnie when I went with Outside The Bowl to the North West Haiti Christian Mission. She has a beautiful heart and I love keeping up with her ministries in Haiti. Here is a video she made to show ""my heart for the NWHCM prison and brothel ministries and the victories shared there in the past year""

Keep up with her blog and ministries here.

Emotional Leyland

An emotional Leyland

Tigers manager Jim Leyland praises his team after clinching the AL Central division.

<a href='' target='_new' title='An emotional Leyland'>Video: An emotional Leyland</a>

(smoking his stogy :) )

Snorkel Mask

Inge brought his own mask and snorkel :)

<a href='' target='_new' title='Inge on accomplishment'>Video: Inge on accomplishment</a>

Bless You Boys!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rescued Hummer

Rescued Baby Hummingbird

This is a baby hummingbird I rescued after it was attacked.

The song is "Better Together" by Jack Johnson.

UPDATE!!! when she thought she was ready to leave (and she was) she flew off to her favorite patch of the back yard, and her instincts instantly kicked in, and now she's just like all the other hummingbirds. for those that are concerned that she has imprinted on humans and wouldn't survive in the wild, don't worry, she is thriving. she has even successfully migrated and returned back to my yard. and for those who think i didn't know what i was doing, i did NOT feed her plain sugar water. i went outside 3 times a day and caught flies from my compost bin in big bags, crushed them, and mixed them in as well. I also helped her learn to catch flies while flying (not in the video because you obviously wouldn't be able to see the flies). in the end, i don't think it could have worked out any better

Desmond's Honor

Desmond Howard: Michigan Football Legend

Michigan Videos

Fireworks at the Tigers game on September 9th:

More fireworks at the Tigers game (after their 8-4 win):

Band Pre-Game at the Michigan vs Notre Dame game on September 10th:

Hail to the Victors before kick-off:

Michigan taking the field:


Happy Bday Ry!

Happy 28th Birthday Ryan! Sorry I am not there to celebrate with you, but we will make it up at Disney this weekend :)


Monday, September 12, 2011

GigaPixel Fan Cam

I found something on the Michigan Under the Lights FanCam that you might like. Click here to see what it is.

The GigaPixel FanCam image consists of more than 10 billion pixels, allowing you to zoom in and explore every corner of Michigan Stadium.

Were you there? Use the “Tag Yourself” button on the Michigan Under the Lights FanCam image to tag yourself and prove to your friends that you were!

Go Blue!

[PS I know it isn't the clearest, but it helps that we are in row 1 of the section, and how cool that we didn't even know it was happening. Feel free to click around on the site and look around the stadium :) ]

Powerless Against Ryan G

10 Reasons Why Women Are Powerless Against the Effects of Ryan Goslin

With a bevy of movies coming out this fall like “Drive” and “The Ides of March,” Ryan Gosling is Hollywood’s current it-boy. Find out why we can’t get enough of Ryan’s chiseled features, charming personality and sexy bod.
10. He’s In A Band
Fun fact: Ryan has a band called Dead Man’s Bones. He sings AND acts AND looks like a Ken doll? Winning.
9. He Can Rock A Beard
You know you’re hot when girls still want you despite the massive amount of hair on your face. It’s okay Ryan you can look like a lumberjack whenever you want.
8. He’s Not Just A Pretty Face
While we’ll go see any movie Ryan is in just to watch him for two straight hours, he’s a truly talented actor. Between The Notebook, Crazy, Stupid, Love and Blue Valentine it’s obvious Ryan knows what he’s doing. Too bad the Oscars have yet to honor our favorite big screen star.
7. He Can Do The Dirty Dancing Lift
Hello Patrick Swayze reincarnated. Ryan’s ability to lift Emma Stone while listening to “The Time of My Life” with rain pouring had us almost crawling out of our movie seats. The hot factor was just too much to handle between the song, weather and his half naked bod.
6. He’s Canadian
We don’t know what kind of gene pool they have going on in Canada but this great place gave us Ryan Gosling and Justin Bieber. Does it get any better?
5. He’s A Peacemaker
When Ryan came across a fight at an intersection in New York, he stepped in to stop the violence and lucky for us, onlookers caught the act of kindness on camera. We officially dub him the Good Samaritan of Hollywood.
4. He Could Make A Paper Bag Look Like Gucci
Whether he’s rocking a tailored suit, a grungy paperboy cap or a t-shirt and jeans, Ryan always looks like a model. But in this case we think less is more. We’ll take our Ryan shirtless any day.
3. He’s A Mama’s Boy
Ryan doesn’t need a skinny bottle blonde on his arm to look good, all he needs is his mom. The actor showed up to the Ides of March premiere in Toronto with Donna Gosling and we fell for him even more.
2. He Was In “The Notebook”
Ryan was the leading man in the holy grail of chick movies, The Notebook. As Noah he climbed a ferris wheel, built a house and wrote letters for 365 days straight just to proclaim his love to Rachel McAdams. We’ll be a bird if you’re a bird Ryan!
1. He Looks Photoshopped When Shirtless
When Ryan took his shirt off in Crazy, Stupid, Love girls around the world swooned. We think there should be a mandatary clause in Mr. Gosling’s contract that requires him to be shirtless in every movie he makes. Just saying.

The original article here.

Imaginarium 2011

Ryan helped out one of his co-workers at Reef. Straley was entering a video/ photography contest with Transworld Surf. Ryan helped him out with the titles (and maybe a little color correction). Check out the video here. [His name is around 4:55 minute marker :)]

If A Reef Had Eyes

Directed By: Chris Straley
Photographed By: Chris Straley
Surfers: Rob Machado, Jay Thompson, Sean Moody

The simplest of ideas sometimes prove most difficult, as the Reef team learned firsthand. “Those guys were super lucky to get a few hours at perfect, three-to-four-foot Teahupo’o” says Ben Bourgeois, who thanks to Delta airlines got stuck for 30 hours in the Atlanta airport en route to Tahiti, thus missing the day in which these images took place. “Once I arrived the surf was huge, blown out, and junky the rest of the trip. If it weren’t for that first day, the concept would have been blown and these photos wouldn’t have happened.”

According to Reef photographer Chris Straley, “Our concept isn’t 100 percent original, as underwater photography has been seen before, but we wanted an organic, raw feeling. We didn’t want to do helicopters or any of that shit because it doesn’t fit with our brand direction. We’ve seen so many rad below-the-surface photos that guys like Brian Bielmann have shot, and that gave us the idea for an underlying theme—which is to try and portray what a reef would have seen throughout the years since the creation of surfing.”

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Angry Bird Park

San Diego has Legoland, LA has Disneyland, China has... Angry Birds?

Unofficial Angry Birds Theme Park Opens in China

Angry Birds, the popular puzzle video game created by Finnish developers Rovio Mobile, has spawned a somewhat unexpected (and definitely unofficial) theme park. The physical 'real life' Angry Birds attraction, located at the Window of the World public park in Changsha, Hunan province of China. Rumors have swirled for months that a themed Angry Birds offshoot would be announced by Disney or Six Flags, but this is likely not what the makers, and investors, had envisioned.

The game itself, first released exclusively on the Apple mobile line in 2009, has moved on to platforms like Android, Apple and Microsoft Windows desktop environments, and appeared on consoles such as the Playstation 3, Playstation Portable, and Roku 2. There are currently four different versions of Angry Birds available, with others planned on additional platforms such as the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360.

The rest of the article here.