Thursday, October 17, 2013

REVIEW: Picky Bars

I was sent one of the Picky Bars from RunnerBox this month [check out my original REVIEW of RunnerBox HERE if you missed it the first go-around.... AND SIGN UP FOR THEM ALREADY :)]. 

MAN, I WISH THERE WAS MORE THAN JUST THE ONE IN MY DELIVERY :) They are small, but pack a punch. It was just the "ideal size"; all of the bars are 200 calories or less. Great size for <30min post-workout recovery, one hour before exercise (or cut in half for 20-30 min before), or the perfect snack size between meals. [TIP: I would suggest keeping one in your purse, that way if you are on-the-go you can have something handy that is HEALTHY and won't be tempted to stop somewhere you may regret later.] 

I love that they are athlete designed and allergy sensitive! The bars are REAL FOOD, made with a 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio, which is ideal for recovery and the maximization of absorption of nutrients.

The flavor I received was the "Runner's High" and it was SCRUM-DIDILY-UMPTIOUS!

Blueberry Vanilla Hemp Hustlin'

It is 100% Vegan. Made using an Almond Butter base, with Vanilla, Hemp Seeds and Blueberries. It is Gluten and Dairy Free. 100% Non-GMO and 79% Organic. (AND ONE HUNDRED PERCENT YUMMY!)


Picky Bars offers a SAMPLER PACK - that way you can test out all of the flavors, see which one(s) you like the most-est, and choose your favorite(s) for the next order [because OBVIOUSLY there will be another order]!


On the Picky Bars site you are able to put in your zip code to see local stores that sell the bars - or if you would rather save on gas, you can place an order right through their website [the closest one to us is down in Solano Beach]. If we don't make it to our nearby store soon I might just have to put them on my Christmas list [which seems to be ever growing :)].

Have you tried Picky Bars before? If so, which is your favorite flavor? If not, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting one - or TWELVE! 

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