Friday, December 29, 2006

Math Jokes

I found these on someone's blog. They are quite humorous (at least for someone who enjoys math).

Presents for ME

So, since I didn't get everything I was hoping for this holiday season I decided to treat myself to gifts and ordered 2 DVDs and 1 book. The DVDs I was hoping for were: Angels in America and The Laramie Project. Both greats. I saw production of The Laramie Project back at UofM. I really enjoyed it, except for the whole Fred Phelps outside with his crew chanting and yelling at the people going in to the theater. I watched Angels in America this summer with Nico and Joshua. It is a 6 part play, which has been made into a movie. It is really great. Both of them are extremely moving, so unless you are ready for it, I would wait to see them. I also ordered the book "Fun Home" by Alison Bechdel. It is supposed to be a good book, and I would like to get back into reading, so I thought it would be one to buy (especially since I bought it used from Amazon, so it wasn't too pricey). I will keep you updated on the quality of the book. If you would like to borrow either of the movies or the book, let me know (it may be hard if you are across the country, but we could work something out :) ).

Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'm okay


"I'm Not Okay (I Promise)"

Well if you wanted honesty, that's all you had to say. I never want to let you down or have you go, it's better off this way. For all the dirty looks, the photographs your boyfriend took, Remember when you broke your foot from jumping out the second floor? I'm not okay I'm not okay I'm not okay You wear me out What will it take to show you that it's not the life it seems? (I'm not okay) I've told you time and time again you sing the words but don't know what it means (I'm not okay) To be a joke and look, another line without a hook I held you close as we both shook for the last time take a good hard look! I'm not okay I'm not okay I'm not okay You wear me out Forget about the dirty looks The photographs your boyfriend took You said you read me like a book, but the pages all are torn and frayed I'm okay I'm okay! I'm okay, now(I'm okay, now) But you really need to listen to me Because I'm telling you the truth I mean this, I'm okay! (Trust Me)I 'm not okay I'm not okay Well, I'm not okay I'm not o-fucking-kay I'm not okay I'm not okay (Okay)

I decided today that no matter what happens, I want to be okay. I want to be able to stand on my own two feet and rely on no one other than God (and of course my family). Whatever may happen, although it may shake me, it will not crush me. I need to be strong and I need to be okay. I must be able to take what life throws at me, and I must be okay. I am someone special, and I need to realize that and I need those around me to realize that. I am someone and I can do what I put my mind to - look at how far I've come thus far. I am okay and I will be okay.

The Padot Family

Everyone was home for the holiday (at least a few minutes of it anyway), so we thought we would get a family photo. (The sign my brother and I are doing is "North Temperance" - fo sho!)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

End of the year survey

In 2006, did you...fall in love with someone that was just a friend? Nope fall in love at all? Daily lose any friends? Fortunately not make any new friends? Many make any new enemies? Nope develop any new hobbies? Surfing get older? Thankfully do anything you regret? Nope go to any parties? The summer was a never ending party accomplish anything? I graduated, moved to California, etc... It was a big year for me make much money? Not at all attend a wedding? Yeppers attend a funeral? No get any new family members? Nope, I have a small family move away? Yep, Michigan to San Diego, California gain any new perspectives? Everyday get into a verbal fight? Yes get into a physical fight? Nope attend any sporting events? Yep, I love sports get arrested? Ha, nope wreck your car? No get a new car? Yeah, well new to me (2005 Ford Focus) make any big purchases? My car get kicked out of a store, restaurant or any other kind of business? Not that I can remember get fired from a job? Nope get offered a job? Yeah, an internship @ USD and a position @ Cass Construction (and a few others, but I didn't take them) get a raise at a job? Not yet (keep your fingers crossed) learn anything? Daily dump your bf/gf? Nope get dumped by your bf/gf? Nope (over 3 years and still kickin') develop any new health problems? Every day change as a person? I hope get any new piercings? Nope (I think I'm stuck @ 13 for a while) get any new tattoos? Nope, I can't decide what I want next attend a concert? Hmmm... I don't remember crowd surf? Nope travel out of state? Yep, I just got back from Michigan read any books? Million Little Pieces, Freakonomics, My Friend Leonard, Running with Scissors (and a lot more I can't remember right now) travel out of the country? Nope spend much money? Unfortunately, California is expensive download any music? Nope try out any new looks? No sign up for a myspace? Nope sign up for a facebook? I've had it for a while now eat a food that you had never eaten before? Probably (seeing that now I am vegetarian) go golfing? Nope, it's boring... go bowling? Yep start to resent something or someone that you used to like? Yep
In 2006, how many....different places did you work? 4 (UofM Art School, UofM Housing, USD, Cass Construction) times did you smoke marijuana? Never smoked anything drugs did you take? Does Tylenol count? times did you have health problems? Every day times did you go to the movies? A few, but I really don't like to go (too expensive) concerts did you attend? A few people did you make out with? 1 people did you have sex with? Zero people tried to have sex with you? I hope none... times did you get your ass kicked? Zero crushes did you have? None times did you attend church? Weekly bad habits did you pick up? None that I can think of "rough nights" did you have? None
In 2006, what was...your favorite day of the year? April 29th (Graduation Day) your favorite movie? Little Miss Sunshine your favorite song of the year? Michael Buble - Home the most expensive thing you stole? Nothing the biggest event you attended? Graduating with 10,000 other MICHIGAN WOLVERINES something that didn't change at all this year? Love for my family your favorite holiday? Christmas (surprising my family was the best thing ever)

Misc. questions about 2006 A.D. were you in a hospital this year? No were you in an ambulance this year? No did you make any big confessions in 06? No embarrassed about anything you did this year? Nah what's the best thing to happen to you this year? Becoming independent did you meet anyone that you could see yourself marrying? Yeah, but I met him years ago did you vote this year? Yes did you bring sexy back this year? Ha, depends on who you ask :) was 2006 a great year, an average year or a bad year? Great year what goals did you set for 2007? Figure out what I want to do with my life

The Windy City

I know Chicago is called the "Windy City" but El Cajon has definitely been the windy city today. This afternoon one of our palm trees was uprooted and tossed into the front yard. It might have something to do with the rain we got this morning, since the ground is awfully soggy now. Sadness, now there will be no more tree there (it destroyed the roots and the owner said trash it...)


It's a rainy, gray day here today. Not very fun, but at least it's not snow, right? Well, I wish you all a bright and sunny day!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Just wanted to say a quick CONGRATS to my friends:
  • Cara and Rob - Engaged
  • Stacey and Billy - Engaged
  • Ryan and Mer - Engaged
  • Kevin - Job offer (and accepted)
  • Stacey and Jeff - Expecting a baby girl

The best Christmas present...

The best Christmas present that I got this year was seeing the expression on my mom's face when I surprised her and flew home for the weekend. She had no idea and it was the best thing ever. I also was able to surprise both of my grandmas, which was equally as amazing. Seeing their excitement to see me made the long plane trips and expensive plane ticket WELL worth it! More to come later, but I wasn't @ work Friday so I have some catching up to do... Hope everyone got what they wanted from Santa!

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Question: If someone doesn't tell you something, is it a lie?


Check out the AMAZING decorating job that they did @ CrossRoads (my church back in Temperance). They are always raising the bar! The new building is amazing! Check out the website if you have a chance. Ryan did the logos for the Jr High and Sr High groups!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ball of emotions

What I am feeling currently:
  • Cold (the office is chilly and we had a frost last night)
  • Frustrated (that nothing seems to be going the way I thought it would)
  • Excited (to surprise people I love)
  • Wasted talent (I went to the University of Michigan and I once you boil down my job I am doing 'data entry')
  • Grateful (I have so much compared to others in the city, state, country, world)
  • Lonely (Although I feel like I have friends, I feel like no one really 'knows' me)
  • Achey (With the weather changing and fibromyalgia, my body just hurts)
  • Confused (I am not sure if this is the place for me)
  • Familial (I just really love my family right now)
  • Prayerful (my grandma will be having surgery soon, as will my grandpa)
  • Fragrent (well, not really me, but my my sent flowers yesterday so my office is smelly and lovely)
  • Proud (I have been able to pack up and move across country with very little problems)
  • Drained (I've been working 9.5 hour days this week and it is a little long)
  • Thankful (the reason for the season is Jesus)
  • Bored (since I have been working longer hours I have had more empty time during the work day)
  • Hungry (I left for work early so I could go to the bank and forgot to grab something to eat)
  • Empty (like I have nothing to give to anyone)
  • Lucky (to have a family that cares about me as much as they do)
  • Angry (sometimes I feel like I 'deserve more')
I'm sure there are plenty more emtions running through me, but for right now those are some that come to mind.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The best mommy....

I have the best mommy!! She sent me these flowers today, just to make me smile :). What a sweetheart!! They don't look quite as full, but hopefully now that they are out of their box they will fluff out...

A turtle...

Today is going to move as slow as a turtle, I can just feel it... It is 8:33am and I am finished with everything I need to do for the day. What will I do with the rest of my day?! I guess I could also search the web for more turle images (I mean it did take up a full 3 minutes to find this one)...

Monday, December 18, 2006

Kevin Tudball...

Sir Kevin Tudball will soon be moving out to California to join the rest of us :) HURRAY!! He was offered a position with "Frog", doing graphic design. CONGRATS Kev, and can't wait to see you soon!!

Working girl...

At Cass Construction, I will not begin to be able to use vacation time until next September 19th. This means that trying to take off any time and getting paid for it is pretty much impossible right now. I am taking off Friday (hurray for surprising people I love) and that means I have to make up those hours if I would like to get paid for them. This week I will be working Monday through Thursday 7-5 with a half hour lunch (9.5 hours of work a day). I am trying to squeeze in 5 days of work into 4 days, so we will see how many times I post on the blog (I have a feeling by about 2 or 3 every day I will either be napping or blogging :) ).

Friday, December 15, 2006


It's Friday! I am so pumped. This week has drug on for some reason. Today one of our vendors bought us lunch (pizza and garlic bread), so all the ladies I work with (well the cool ones anyway) and I went and ate in the conference room. It was a good time, lots of laughs. Now it is 1pm and I have nothing to do... I guess I will look online for a while, maybe chat on AIM, we shall see... But it was a good lunch...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Another survey... I'm bored...

Are your parents married or divorced? Married Are you a vegetarian? Yes Do you believe in Heaven? Yes Have you ever come close to dying? I don't remember it, but I hear I almost drowned What jewelry do you wear 24/7? A white gold ring on my right ring finger and a hoodie string around my neck Are you eating? Yes (saltine crackers) Do you eat the stems of broccoli? Yes (I just re-found broccoli) Do you wear makeup? I don't know how to put on make-up Would you ever have plastic surgery? If someone paid for it, or I ever made the big bucks What do you wear to bed? Tshirt and shorts Have you ever done anything illegal? I speed every day Can you roll your tongue? Yes Do You have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Yes What is your Hair color? Dirty blonde Future child's name, boy and girl? I will not have children, but a puppy name could be: Tito Do you smoke? Never If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be? Fiji Do you sleep with stuffed animals? Yes, Mr. Oinks If you won the lottery, what would you do first? Pay off student loans Gold or silver? Silver Hamburger or hot dog? I'm vegetarian, so a garden burger If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Pasta City, beach or country? Beach, then city, then country What was the last thing you touched? My mouse Where did you eat last? My office When's the last time you cried? Last night Do you read blogs? A select few Would you ever go out dressed like the opposite sex? Ha, sure Ever been involved with the police? No What's your favorite shampoo/conditioner and soap? Herbal Essence Do you talk in your sleep? No Ocean or pool? Pool What's your favorite song at the moment? Michael Buble - Home Have you ever had a cavity? Not yet Window seat or aisle seats? Window (but I have to pee a lot so I know it annoys the aisle person) Ever met anyone famous? CHRIS FARLY BABY Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? Twirl What is your fav. sport to play? Soccer Basketball or football? Football When was the last time you went to the bathroom? About 5 minutes ago Do you drive a stick? No, I can't do two things at once Cake or ice cream? Sherbet Are you self-conscious? All the time Do you like any of your close friends? I like them all, or they wouldn't be my friends :) Have you ever given money to a bum? Yes Have you been in love? Yes Where do you wish you were? Hawaii On myspace why is the 1st person on ur top 8 there? I don't have myspace Have you ever ridden in an ambulance? No Can you tango? No, but that would be cool Last thing you spent lots of money on? I bought tissues today since I ran out Where do you live? San Diego Last wedding attended. Mark & Liz Dusseau Favorite restaurant? So many to choose from... What is your favorite kind of car? Jeep Liberty Most hated food(s)? Cucumbers Most loved food(s)? Carrots, corn, beans, nuts, etc. Can you sing? I tell myself I can Person on your mind? My mommy What's your least fav. chores? Washing the floor Favorite drink? Diet Mountain Dew How long was your longest drive in a car? The family used to drive to Florida

Jury Duty

Last night I opened my mail to see the dreaded-by-many JURY DUTY LETTER. I opened it, and I am summoned in January. I was a little bummed, because I knew Cass didn't pay for time missed (so I would have to use vacation time or go unpaid). I brought it in today, and Jonna said that they can write a letter stating it is a financial hardship because I will not be paid. I guess I escape my first jury duty by the skin of my teeth.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Survey

Have you been naughty or nice this year? *I'm always nice :) What do you want most for Christmas? *A wiener dog (but unfortunately I can't have one in my apartment so I'll just have to do with looking @ photos of Dizzy) Do you believe in Father Christmas? *Is that Jesus? I'm confused... I believe in Jesus if that answers the question What is your favorite food at Christmas? *Well, since I'm vegetarian, and love veggies, it would have to be a veggie platter Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? *If you know me, you know I cannot procrastinate... I started months ago Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? *Yeppers What is your favorite Christmas song? *Wow, there are so many... "The best way of spreading Christmas cheer is SINGING LOUD for all to hear" What is your favorite Christmas movie? *"Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?" What do you look forward to most at Christmas? *Surprises... What are you doing for Christmas this year? *Celebrating, and singing songs, duh! Who do you want to kiss under the mistletoe? *Ryan What kind of Christmas tree do you have? *An invisible one Do you take part in a secret santa? *Yeah, we are doing it at work Do you go to any Christmas parties? *Cass Construction this weekend baby Have you ever had a white Christmas? *HA, this will be the first year WITHOUT a white Christmas How early do you wake up on Christmas morning? *It used to be early, but in the old age of 22, I think it will be whenever the sun wakes me up Do you still get a stocking? *Nope, but that was a great part of old school Christmas mornings How many Christmas cards do you normally send out? *Uh, this year I cut it down and I think I was at 55... I love spreading the holiday cheer What is your Christmas wish? *Um, I'll keep that a secret for now...


Normally I don't like to receive flowers, because they just die and seem like a waste of money, but today was different. Jonna (the Payroll Manager) bought all of the ladies in the department potted poinsettia plants. They are just so festive that I think they will thrive with the constant Christmas music :) THANKS JONNA!

Friday, December 8, 2006


Hello Blog World!! So Ryan has been trying to get me to start a blog for such a long time, and I keep telling him "NO" because I think they are silly. Well, I decided today that I would start one - not because I have changed my mind on blogs, but because work has been extremely slow, so I figured it will at least give me something to do (even if no one reads it or cares about it, at least I will have something to use my time doing). So, I guess this is means I will be randomly posting, and posting randomly.


I have been listening to Christmas music a lot lately (probably because it is the only time in the year it is viewed as 'acceptable' and I wouldn't be looked at like I was weirder than I already am). There is just something about Christmas music that makes me smile and get all giddy. It is just so fun, and wholesome. I mean, who doesn't like rockin' out to a little N'Sync Christmas. Which reminds me, N'Sync Christmas is my favorite Christmas cd. My mommy called me this afternoon while I was at work to blare some tunes into the phone. How great! Christmas is a little different now, now that there is NO SNOW involved. IT IS GREAT! I mean I do miss the white stuff sometimes, JUST KIDDING! Today it is a high of 75 degrees and it is DECEMBER 8th! This weekend there are supposed to be some great waves, so Ryan and I will be at the beach every day - I mean really, the beach 2 and a half weeks before Christmas (HOW I LOVE CALIFORNIA). If you are ever sad, or lonely, pop in some Jingle Bell Rock and tell me you don't feel a smiggen better. (Ok, so I was going to do an alternating every other word color scheme, but it was taking too long, so every other sentence will have to do:)).