Monday, April 2, 2007

Weekend Photo Shoot

I went out for a couple hour bike ride yesterday and thought I would take my camera with me. Everyone knows that California is beautiful and that the ocean in amazing, but I wanted to capture other aspects of the environment (flowers, trees, etc). I have loaded the 30 photos under My Photos (on the Website Bar on the side) if you would like to check them all out. Here are a couple of them, hope you enjoy them!!

A beautiful flower:

Pretty red/ pink flowers (looked like paper close up):

I live above The Q (Qualcomm Stadium). On the game days I can hear the announcers, GO CHARGERS!!

A lone palm tree overlooking the valley:

I loved the background, I really like this picture:

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Land Sea Collective said...

Those are super shots babe!!!!! I really like those!!!!!!! I like those pink flowers!!!