Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Ryan's Grandma - UPDATE

I just received this email and would like you all to join in prayer for Grandma Cates (what most of them call her) and for the McClurg family during this difficult time:

"We are on a journey and everyday brings a new challenge. Yesterday we made a decision with lots of input from her physicians to admit Charlene's Mom to Hospice House. Her health is failing very quickly with CHF, bad kidneys, two bad heart valves and emphezyma!!!!

This was a very difficult day for Charlene when we went to Hospice to check it out realizing this is really an end of life decision. The place at Sparrow is absolutely beautiful and first class but it is still hard. The doctors can't predict how long a time Frances has but they suggested that Larry, Charlene's brother in California, come home this weekend to have the opportunity to see his mom while she is still alert. Our Son Ryan will be her next weekend as well and Aaron and Eric this Sunday.

We know she is dying and seems to being going down hill quickly. They are starting to give her a low dose of morphine to help her feel comfortable. Please pray for her comfort and that the family will have peace. She knows the Lord and is ready to being with him any time. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.Love ya all."

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