Friday, April 13, 2007


I am so excited about this weekend. I am meeting a girl at lunch to get the tickets to go to DISNEY CALIFORNIA ADVENTURES!! HURRAY!! If you don't know what the park is, here is the link:

I love theme parks, well not Universal (bitter feelings, grrrrr), and get all gitty like a little kid when I get to go to them (check out the Disney pictures from the summer under 'MyPhotos' link). I am sure Ryan and I will take plenty of photos, hopefully we will get to see some fun characters on our journey!! California Adventures is next to Disneyland but is a separate park - it has The Tower of Terror, Rockin' California Screamin' and many other things (check out all the fun things at the site). Haha, the last time I was at Disney world (in Orlando) with my family Kyle cried on Tower of Terror :) - hopefully Ryan won't follow suit.

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