Wednesday, April 18, 2007


On Saturday, Ryan and I will be heading to Cox Arena to watch the San Diego Shockwave Game ( The Shockwave are San Diego's NIFL team (National INDOOR Football League). I got 2 free tickets through Fox 6 (the TV station that I watch for news and such), through their 'points program' (in the morning they give you a code word and also have trivia about what they talked about and once you get enough points you can 'buy' things or enter intro drawings and whatnot). I have never been to an indoor football game, but I am sure it will be entertaining. From the looks of it the points get pretty high. The TV station is giving out quite a few tickets so I am thinking that when we get there the arena won't be that full and we can move down closer to the action (the tickets we have right now are the 'nose bleed'). I will probably post some photos I'm sure, if nothing else it will be a story to tell. If anyone has ever been to an indoor football game and has some suggestions (like silly signs we could make or anything), feel free to let me know :).

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