Monday, April 30, 2007

7 'Carlee' Facts

Tami, my High School Varsity Soccer coach and amazing woman, has just 'tagged me'. I guess what I am supposed to do is share 7 facts about me that few or no people know about me and then choose 7 other people to do the same (I know now all of them have blogs, so feel free to leave them as comments on here or send them as an email to me and the 7 next people).

1. I put ketchup on cottage cheese (okay, I put ketchup on most things, but I would assume people would know that about me, but probably not the specifics of exactly what I put it on). Most people are grossed out by it when they see it - while I was in college there were people on staff with me that would not watch me eat when I had the ketchup on the cottage cheese because it made them sick (YUM KETCHUP ON PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING IS GREAT)!.

2. I am afraid of the dark. I have always had this fear. I used to check under my bed and in my closet before I went to bed, just in case someone had gotten into the house and were hiding (don't ask me what I would have done if I would have ever found someone in the bathtub after looking behind the shower curtain).

3. I love watching sports. It is a stereo type that girls don't know anything about sports, but honestly I love watching them. Saturdays during college football are my favorite (sorry for anyone who has to put up with me watching or talking about it all the time).

4. I hate shopping. Another stereotype that I must break is the one that says all girls love to shop. I think it is because I don't like spending money, I don't like trying on clothes, and I usually don't like buying things that are not essential to my life.

5. I don't remember most of my childhood. I am not sure if it is the fibromyalgia or what, but it seems like my long term memory is failing, and failing quickly (which is another fear that no one knows about - I am afraid of forgetting everything... Like looking at people and not remembering I even know them). There are a key memories that I have (either because I am constantly reminded of them or from pictures), but even those I am not sure if I 'remember' them or if my mind is just trying to fill in the blanks from what people have told me.

6. I hate the phone. I hate talking on it, I hate hearing it ring, I just hate using it. I am sorry if I have never called you back, or have emailed you instead of calling you. I don't know where it comes from, maybe because I feel as though I have nothing interesting to say or I hate awkward silences, who knows.

7. If people said one thing about me, I want them to say that somehow I made their world/ day/ minute a little bit happier. I love making people smile, because SMILING IS MY FAVORITE! Although I may not be happy all the time (or even most of the time for that fact), I hate seeing others down and out. If there is anything I can ever do to make you smile, you name it and I will try to do it!

Hope you enjoyed learning a few tid bits about me that you may have not known before, and now my 7 people I choose are:

1. Ryan - even though I am sure I know most of them, maybe your blog fans would like to see an update once in a while :)
2. Michelle - I know you read my blog and would love to see the great things you could come up with for this
3. Glenn - I love reading your blog and feeling caught up in the CrossRoads world and I'm sure your 'fans' would love to hear some interesting facts about you too
4. Mom - the most amazing woman I know, the more you know about her the more you have to love her
5. Kevin - your lack of blogging tends to make me sad (just kidding), and I would love to learn more about the inside workings of your creative mind

6. Kyle - I doubt you will do it, but would love to hear them (my brother is often 'too cool' for me and my lameness I guess :) )
7. YOU - I am not sure who all reads my blog (the blog started as a way to relieve some down time, so I don't even know who all I have actually told about it), but I would love to hear from you!

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cpm said...


1.) i have tons of cellulite...not proud, just honest!!!!

2.) i'm a conservative....surrounded by liberals (a scary place to find yourself)

3.) i have a fear of one of my children dying before i do....i don't even want to expound on that.

4.) i could eat mashed potatoes every day of my life and not get tired of them....especially with corn mixed in and lots and lots of butter...yummmmmmmmy. maybe that explains the cellulite???

5.) i sucked my thumb till i was 9 years old...only giving it up because my grandmother challenged me to do it for lent.

6.) i can't wait till my husband goes totally bald...i love a smooth head!!!!

7.) i know that God looks like billy graham (the old billy, not the young one)!!!!!