Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Health Updates

Just wanted to give a quick update. Yesterday my grandpa went to MCO (that's what I will call it - Medical COLLEGE of Ohio) to have the tests run and have his surgery. After they ran the tests the doctor concluded that he didn't need to have the surgery because the artery was only 40-50% blocked. It is something that they will need to watch, but not something that will need surgical attention right now. He is excited, obviously not very many people look forward to surgery. In other news Ryan went to the dentist this morning and they told him that the spot in his gums is nothing to worry about. They think it may just be an infection that was there when his baby teeth were in and that just been there forever. They told him to keep an eye on it, so he scheduled an appointment for a couple months to make sure everything is okay.

Thanks for your prayers everyone!

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