Thursday, April 12, 2007


Animal babies that is. My mom said that two lil' wrens have a nest in the wreath on their front door and now there are eggs in there (she is psyched to be a Grandma, which will only happen with animals if Kyle or I have anything to say about it :) ). Also the Toledo Zoo has 3 baby polar bears and one baby giraffe (there are also some baby birds, but they look sort of 'satanic'). The giraffe, at over six feet tall and 140 pounds at birth, Akilah (pronounced Ah-kee-la, meaning “intelligent, perceptive one” in Swahili) is by all measures strong and in good health. With the birth of these polar bear cubs, The Toledo Zoo is home to three of only four newborn polar bear cubs in North American Zoos. Check out the zoo in Toledo if you are every around the area - the zoo is the COOLEST!!

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Spencer J. Trumm said...

I agree, the zoo is sweet!
I was delighted to hear that three new polar bear cubs have arrived at the zoo. The bears will be a great attraction for the zoo and the city. I hope, however, that everyone who enters the naming contest decides to do more to fight global warming and climate change. Global warming leads to the melting of ice caps and prevents the seas from freezing during the winter. Polar bears need the seas to freeze in order to hunt and feed. Great as the zoo is, it would be a tragedy if in ten years, zoos were the only places where people could see these magnificent creatures.