Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cure for Coughing

A young man had a terrible cold and couldn’t stop coughing so he went to the nearby drug store to buy some cough medicine. Not knowing which brand was the best and with all of them claiming to do different things, he asked the guy’s opinion that was working behind the counter at the pharmacy.

It was the employees first day on the job and he really didn’t know which one was better and didn’t even know if any of them would even help the customer but the pharmacist was extremely busy and he didn’t want to bother him, not to mention that he wanted to impress the pharmacist since it was his first day.

He went searching the aisles of different medications and brought back a bottle with no label on it, handed it to the customer, and told him to drink the entire bottle right away. The customer thanked the new employee, paid for the bottle, and drank the entire content before leaving the store so that he could get immediate relief from all the coughing, and headed home. The pharmacist was impressed that his new help was able to handle the situation on his own and walked over to him and asked him what he gave the customer to take care for his coughing problem.

“Laxative,” he replied.

“What!” exclaimed the pharmacist. “You can’t give him laxatives for a cold!”

The guy says, “Well I’ll bet that he’ll be afraid to cough now! So his coughing problem is taken care of!!”

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glennteal said...

Sorta funny -- sorta not!