Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Peter McClurg

Okay, his name isn't Peter, it's Ryan, but I guess you can call it a term of endearment, haha. Anywho, I wanted to fill you all in on some good news from Ryan (since he lacks in the blogging at times). Tomorrow Ryan will be taking an interview with the surfboard company Rusty ( The company is located in Irvine, which is about 50 minutes north, but he thought that he would take the interview anyway. He would be working with the art director and this could be really awesome for his career, since it is in the field he is interested in and all. His interview is @ 2pm (PST) if you would all be willing to shoot up a little prayer for him. In other news, not so happy, he had a dentist appointment today and they took some x-rays, like they normally do. On one of his teeth there is a white mass in the x-ray and the dentist isn't positive on what it is so he is having Ryan come back in to the office on Tuesday to meet with the surgeon to talk about what it could be or something. We are hoping that it is nothing to worry about, but Ryan is a WORRY WORT, so please pray for his nerves during this time since they are always at all time HIGHS. I will keep you updated (since he probably won't) and thanks in advance for your prayers.

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