Monday, April 30, 2007

Beach Clean Up

Sunday morning Ryan and I participated in North Coast Church's Weekend of Service. What happened is North Coast closed down services this weekend - no church. WE LEFT THE BUILDING. Ryan and I signed up for the beach clean up, Sunday morning shift (since we would have went to church during that time anyway). We met at the beach at 8am and cleaned about 2 miles of beach in 4 hours. There was a group of about 30 of us (young ones to old ones). Someone from the church came out before we started and took a group photo, so once they load them on the site I will put it up on here. Ryan and I were trash champions. We filled up 2 garbage bags full. We scaled the walls and got so much trash and random things (a chair, lots of balloons in the kelp - we called them kelp parties, cans, bottles,metal grates, etc). It was sad to see how people treat the beaches. At points I felt like there was so much trash (lots of little pieces of Styrofoam and stuff) that it was overwhelming, but Ryan would remind me 'At least it's one less piece out there'. Anyhow, the Weekend of Service was a tremendous success! We made an enormous impact on our neighbors and organizations across North County! One thing is certain- no one felt unneeded!

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