Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Scary and Sad

As more information is coming out about the shooter in the VA Tech massacre it is getting more and more scary and sad. I am not necessarily saying that I am scared, but I am saying that in general it is scary and extremely sad to see how disturbed individuals can be. I pray for those family affected by this senseless act, but also I am drawn to pray for those individuals that have anger and frustrations pent up inside and pray that they can find someone they can open up to and release their emotions in a healthy way. I am sure that there are people out there that may be thinking about doing something similar or something harmful and I just pray that they can see how senseless this is and that they can find some sort of comfort in life. It is hard to show people that are so caught up in the negative that there IS positive in life and that things can change, but I pray that there will be people in those individuals lives that will reach out to them and help them through these difficult times. I'm not saying that everyone knows someone that is a murderer, but I am suggesting to everyone to reach out to those around you that may be going through something, that may seem a little down on their luck. The people that are the hardest to reach out to might be those who need it the most. Just something to think about...

Here is the story I was reading about the shooter that made me start thinking about this:

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