Monday, April 2, 2007

Ryan's Grandma

I am asking for prayers for Ryan's Grandma. She has been in and out of the hospital lately, and this is the most recent email I received from Ryan's Dad:

"Hi Everyone,

We have been back in the great state of Michigan for about a week down in Lansing. If you haven't heard we had to readmit Charlene's mom Frances back into the hospital last Monday. Heart went back into atria fibrillation last week sometime and her legs got huge with fluid. It was complicated by an infection in her legs from all the fluid.

They did one last cardio version this past week and so far it is staying in sinus rhythm. If it doesn't hold they aren't recommending we try anymore. They fluid is down quite a bit in her legs but not back to normal and the infection is looking better with the antibiotics. She has gotten very weak through this whole ordeal and can't even get up from the John with her walker.

The doctor's think they will be able to discharge her from Sparrow hospital this Wednesday but she will have to go to a nursing home for at least 1 week to get her strength back before returning home. I think what is really going on is that they want to find out if she can go home. Charlene and I are planning for the worst which would be a more extensive care facility if it comes to that.

We ask you to pray for her Mom that she would be able to go home even if for only a little while. We know it will be a cycle of stuff like this with her congestive heart failure. Also, pray for Charlene. She is just exhausted from helping and worrying. The good news is we know Frances will someday be in a better place."

Thanks in advance for your prayers!!

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Thanks babe for puting that up!!!!! I love you!!!!