Friday, January 25, 2008

Vegan Athletes

Check out this article. Ryan sent it to me. It is about Tony Gonzalez, a tight-end for the Kansas City Chiefs going vegan. There are also a few facts about other athletes (mixed martial arts fighters and basketball players in there).

The protein-rich bounty of the football training table is supposed to grow the biggest and strongest athletes in professional sports. Kansas City Chiefs tight-end Tony Gonzalez was afraid it was going to kill him. "It's the Catch-22," says Mr. Gonzalez, 31. "Am I going to be unhealthy and play football? Or be healthy and get out of the league?"

Kansas City Chiefs tight-end Tony Gonzalez
So last year, on the eve of the biggest season of his career, Mr. Gonzalez embarked on a diet resolution that smacked head-on with gridiron gospel as old as the leather helmet. He decided to try going vegan.

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