Monday, January 21, 2008

Save Trestles

Tell the California Coastal Commission to Save Trestles

San Onofre State Beach and the famed surf at Trestles are under threat by the proposed Foothill-South toll road. The California Coastal Commission has an opportunity to protect these precious open spaces and coastal resources in October. Let them know that it is unacceptable to allow destruction of a State Park for an unnecessary highway project.

The proposed Foothill-South toll road in Orange and San Diego Counties is one of the most environmentally destructive transportation projects in California history. By running 4 miles down the length of San Onofre State Beach, the road would effectively destroy the interior of the park and close the San Mateo Campground. All while threatening the world-class surf at Trestles and driving numerous endangered species towards extinction.

YOU CAN HELP!! Go to this link and you can send your own letter to the commission. They will not spam you or sell your name to anyone. This is important! Send your letter TODAY! It only takes a minute and the impact could last a lifetime.

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