Monday, January 28, 2008

Shameless Plug

Have you checked out Wide Open Hearts lately? Nothing new is up, but just thought maybe you would want to check out the inventory. :)

Wide Open Hearts is an idea that I had that combines my creativity with my heart for others. It started with Mod Podging a few empty glass jars that I had, and hopefully will evolve into something much bigger. The funds raised through the sale of my pieces will be funneled directly into charities (and the buyer even gets to choose which of the accepted charities their purchase will go toward). When I began I was simply making pieces that I loved, but I am totally open to special orders (i.e. specific colors you would like, size of the piece, etc). My mind is wide open to the possibilities that will come my way and I hope that this is one avenue that will help you to have a wide open heart.

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