Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So on top of the Gilmore Girls DVDs that Ryan got me for Christmas, I also asked for a tattoo. I had him draw up a bunch of ideas and I narrowed it down to the top 4 designs and then from there I picked the winner. I got the newest of my tattoos (#4)on Saturday. I thought I would post a couple pictures of the tattoo.

I wanted an 'open heart' (one not filled in) so that it reminded me daily to love those around me and have an open hearts towards everyone. I wanted it on my wrist because I thought that would be a great place so that I would see it often. Also, it is a reminder of I am able to love those around me because Jesus first loved me. The tattoo is also where Jesus was pierced to be crucified for my (and your) sins. I really like the design, especially because it has my initials in it (CP), and as my mom says, it's very feminine. The other 3 tattoos that I have are also all black ink, it holds up better over time and I think that they look crisper. Anyway, hope you enjoy my new ink, I know I sure do :).

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COOL Carlee :-)
Looks great!