Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Easy to be...

It seems as though it is very easy to be a Patriot fan these days, an undefeated season is something easy to jump on the bandwagon for, huh? I guess what is getting under all of the Chargers feathers is the fact that the Chargers are getting NO CREDIT! No one thought they would get this far. I understand, San Diego may not win this weekend, but come on, can't you give them a little credit for doing what everyone else thought was impossible up to this point. No one thought we would be able to go into Indy and take down the Colts when we were at 100% health and we beat them (and probably would have beat them with a higher score if the refs weren't so... um.... blind to put it nicely) with some of our key players sitting on the sidelines. Don't get me wrong, the Patriots are a good team, they have to be to have gone this far undefeated, but GIVE US SOME CREDIT, at least give us the chance to go in and fight till the end... It will be OH SO GREAT if all these sportscasters will have to eat their words on Monday, I guess we will just have to see, but come on, GIVE IT UP FOR THE CHARGERS FOR MAKING IT THIS FAR!!


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