Saturday, February 1, 2014

REVIEW: Yooper Steez

Over the last few years we have tried to get removed from all of the junk mailing lists and have signed up for e-billing wherever we can, so for the most part we don't get much mail. I still go and check the mailbox every day or two (just in case, right?!).

I LOVE it when there is something in our box. It is EXTRA fun when it is something I wasn't expecting. And even ULTRA AMAZING when we get "the key" in our box because that means it didn't fit in our standard mailbox.

This past week was a mail day like the one mentioned above. Ryan and Walt were with me (we were walking around the complex on a "potty break" - for Walt, NOT Ryan :)) when I figured I would stop and check to see if we had received anything. Ry saw the excitement on my face so figured he would take a couple pictures.

You see, I contacted Yooper Steez probably 4 months ago about potentially sending me something that I could review on my blog. We had been communicating back and forth about the possibility and I ended up sending my mailing address. A while went by and I didn't receive anything, so figured it probably wasn't meant to be.

That is.... until NOW!

Yooper Steez even drew me a fun little graph on the package (in case you couldn't read it in the other pictures, below is a "detailed" shot)... Showing how my awesomeness increases over time - HOW FUN!

Let me give you a little background on this company.


Obviously if you know much about me, you know I LOVE Michigan. I mean shoot, have you seen the tattoo on my arm?!

Yup... I'm SMITTEN with the MITTEN!!

Although I grew up a "troll" (meaning living "under the bridge", in the Lower Peninsula) I still LOVE the entire state!

No, THANK YOU for being AWESOME!

Thinking I will use the tag as a new bookmark, eh?

Check out a couple of the pictures we took of me sporting my Yooper Steez shirt around North San Diego County, CA.

Oceanside <3's the U.P.

The San Diego Gulls are #1

The Gull <3's Yooper Steez

I love me a Michigan Man ;)

If you have an extra few minutes, I would HIGHLY recommend you check out the blog post that Justin wrote about WHY A TEE! And even better - if you have an extra couple dollars, you should DEFINITELY pick up a YOOPER STEEZ TEE or HOODIE - trolls, Yoopers, and non-Michiganders would ALL LOVE one!

At the very least you should LIKE Yooper Steez on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter, Follow them on Pinterest, Follow them on Instagram, and Follow them on Google+.

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