Thursday, February 20, 2014

Featured on Native Foods' BLOG!

I mentioned it back in my post for our Dating Thru The ABCs "N" Date and now it's LIVE!!

When we were on our N Date at Native Foods Cafe, the receipt that printed out said that we would be featured on the Native Foods' Blog - HOW PERFECT! 

One of the sweet Blog writers over at Native Foods contacted us, asked us a few questions, and said she would email when the blog post was live. AND WE GOT THE EMAIL THIS MORNING!!


I'm not sure how many folks actually read the Native Foods' Blog, but you know what?! IT DOESN'T MATTER!! It is super cool just to be included!! We are able to share our love for one another and for Native Foods and THAT is what matters ;)

So pop on over and check it out if you get a chance!!

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