Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dating ABCs: Q

Last week, when I realized the letter Q was coming for our next date, I thought it would be difficult, but then "I had an apostrophe... Lightning had just struck my brain" (I watched Hook earlier this week, hence the reference ;)).

We would go where my parents HONEYMOONED many, many, MANY moons ago - THE QUEEN MARY!!

Check out that smog... DRINK IT IN!

Ryan looked online and saw that they were actually having a Scottish Festival this weekend, which we knew would be perfect! (Yep, McClurg is SCOTTISH... Although sometimes Ryan says it is Irish or whatever suits him best at the time ;)).

A Scottish knight?

Ryan and I waiting for the games to begin


A Wee Bit of a Lad

This was my sour face?

And this was my Scottish face?

We had a great time. We watched the athletics, saw some dancing, walked around the Clans, listened to bag pipers, and even studied sheep herding! Ryan tried talking me into letting him buy a kilt or a sword, but I was somehow able to get us out of there with neither.

The sports field out in front of the Queen Mary

This guy was wearing PRO Compression Socks! HOW COOL?!

The hammer throw was pretty awesome

This guy had LAWN MOWER BLADES bolted into the front of his boots!

The announcer

Throwing a heavy thing over a stick (that was NOT the technical name for this one ;))

The girls were throwing stones (and you can see the guy with the lawn mower blades on the right hand side)

Using pitch forks to throw bags of hay as high as they could

Inside the ship, where there were tons of the Clans

Wee lassies dancing

This pup was 13 years old! 

By far my favorite part!

Thanks to Ruggedwoodsman's Instagram for this one ;) 

It's just their instinct to herd!

Practicing before going on stage

It was a super fun date, but hey, if Ry and I are together we always tend to have a great time ;)

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