Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dating ABCs: P

This week's date was a Pretty easy-Peasy decision. I mean, we live in a Picture Perfect location with Pristine weather, so getting outside to go Putt-Putt was a Piece of Pie (okay, I know it was supposed to be cake, but it didn't start with a P). The only Pitfall was it was Peak time so there were Plenty of People Playing.

They must not know MY family... 

We ended up playing two games - Ry won the first one and I won the second. We both had LEGIT hole-in-ones on the "back" nine.

Like I mentioned though, there were plenty of people there, which lead to lots of time for selfies and silly shots ;)

Pirates Cove - YES PLEASE!

Waiting for the large groups in front of us to go (not sure why they wouldn't let us play through...)

Pretty flowers (although they slowed the ball down on the green since the petals were falling)

Oh man, my silly hubby... 

Guess we didn't need a "nice" one...

More of the blooms

He thought he was Shooter McGavin

Let's try it again, shall we?! 

A nice woman took our picture before we turned our putters back in.

While we were at lunch (eating Pizza of course ;) ), Ryan looked up an idea for next week - I think it will be Quite fun!

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