Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Funny Story

{This is NOT the funny part} Walt has been throwing up lately, so yesterday Ryan called and made an appointment at the vet for us this morning. I took Walt in and they think it is just acid building up in his belly. They are having us feed him rice and chicken for the next 5 days, and then over the following 5 days add in his normal food back in to his diet. With his food we have to give him a half of a Pepcid AC to try to cut down on the acid. They thought maybe we were feeding him too early in the evening, so then by the morning he has too much acid built up and will throw it up.

So, off to the grocery store I went. We had white rice, but - NEWS FLASH - WE ARE VEGETARIANS... We don't have chicken in the house.


I realized that I have been a vegetarian since BEFORE I was truly buying food for myself... I became a vegetarian over 9 years ago, while I was still in college, which means I never had to buy raw meat before (of course I would order meat at a restaurant or something like that, but never had to cook it myself).

Here in lies the issue {and the funny part}... I didn't know how to buy chicken or how to cook it...

I called my mom, my brother, and my dad (all meat eaters). Neither my mom or brother answered, and when I called my dad's cell he didn't answer so I called him at work. What did he say when I asked him what to buy and how to cook it?! "Where is your mom?" I told him she didn't answer, so he came back with a comment I should have expected "Why don't you Google it?!" Oh yeah, he also asked if we had a meat thermometer... {LOVE YOU DADDY-O!}


Well, I ended up buying chicken breast and while I was checking out I asked the cashier if she ate meat. She said she did, so I asked her how I should prepare what I was buying for my "sick" pupperz. She suggested boiling it. Hmmmm... I have never boiled meat, just pasta...

Of course I continued calling my mom to see if she could give me some pointers, but she wasn't home (or answering her cell). When I got home I still wasn't so sure about boiling meat, so I just used a little Pam and sauteed it up in a skillet. {PS When I actually got a hold of my madre, she suggested boiling it too... so with the rest of the chicken I diced it - YUCK - and boiled the Salmonella our of it. We shall see if he loves it as much as this morning's serving.}

I wish I would have taken some pictures or video of Walt. Obviously, since we don't eat meat, we never have it in the house. While I was cooking the chicken, Walt ran in the kitchen from the porch. He was "prairie doggin' " (what Ryan and I call it when Walt stands on his hind legs to try to get higher and see something) the whole time. He was feening for the real meat (FYI we do feed him a meat diet, although I wanted to keep him vegetarian Ryan wouldn't have it). When I put it in with the rice he scarfed it down (but again, his appetite hasn't really been the issue). He did eat around the rice a bit, it seemed as though he just wanted the meat...

Like the vet said, Walt doesn't realize he is "sick". He isn't sad or lethargic or anything like that. He is running around and being crazy like normal - it is just he throws up every once in a while and then goes back to being his silly self. I am hoping that changing the times he eats and maybe giving him a little something during the day to keep some food in his tummy will help keep the acid down and all will be back to normal soon.

He is such a SUNSHINE DOGGY! 

Have you done anything for your animal that you normally don't do for yourself?


Meridith said...

Awwww, I hope that Walt's tummy is feeling better soon.

We just got my pup from the rescue this past weekend but I've been feeding her crazy expensive dog food from a natural store. People think I'm crazy but I think it's important so... whatever! Also I've been making her chicken and eggs (we are not vegetarians here) because she needs to put on some weight. So yes. A little insane but well worth it!

Megan (Running Toward the Prize) said...

Poor Walt! I had to laugh about you not knowing how to cook chicken :) However, as a meat eater, I must say that cutting up raw chicken is nasty to me too. And I tend to overcook chicken because I'm so paranoid about it being even the slightest bit of pink.

I hope that it solves Walt's tummy problems!