Sunday, February 2, 2014

Workout Recap - Week 5

Sunday, January 26th – 2.5 easy miles with the hubby (his first time back on the road since the Holiday Half where his IT band was his enemy), Foam Rolled & Stretched

Monday, January 27th – 4.5 mile run, Foam Rolled & Stretched 

Tuesday, January 28th –  Strength Training (abs, back, arms and legs), Foam Rolled & Stretched

Wednesday, January 29th – 8 mile run

Thursday, January 30th – 21.75 mile bike ride, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Friday, January 31st – 4 mile run, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Saturday, February 1st – Rest day, Foam Rolled & Stretched

I took it fairly easy towards the end of the week because I had a race this morning (a full recap will be coming in the next day or two) and I wanted to get a PR. SPOILER ALERT - I DID! (The 10K distance isn't one I do frequently, so it may have been one of the first "serious" 10Ks I have done for time - but a PR nonetheless!)

I am so excited to have my hubby back out running with me. His IT Band had been bothering him since the Holiday Half we ran at the end of December, so he has been taking it easy lately (took a couple weeks off and then started back up with the elliptical instead of pounding the pavement for a week or so). We have a 10-Mile race (the California 10/20 - 20 bands in 10 miles) in 2 weeks, so hopefully he is back pain-free 100% by then!

How were your workouts this past week?

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