Friday, January 31, 2014

A PERFECT Valentine's Day Gift!

Do you and your significant other celebrate Valentine's Day?

My hubby and I don't. My thought is, I don't want/ need ONE day during the year that I am shown I am loved, I SHOULD KNOW IT EVERY DAY!


With that being said, I know TONS of folks that do celebrate it. And just because hubs and I don't necessarily get all ooey-gooey on February 14th, doesn't mean I still don't love gifts ;)

And boy oh boy, did I find one GREAT option for the runner in your life - whether YOU are that runner and you want to get this for yourself (or leave hints for your "better half" to get you one), your spouse or significant other is into the active lifestyle and you want to help support them in their journey, or even if it is a running buddy that you want to send a little gift to!

RunnerBox has a LIMITED EDITION Valentine's Day Gift Box! This special RunnerBox will be filled with products any runner would LOVE to receive. You are even able to personalize it with a "gift note"!


And EVEN BETTER - if you use my Ambassador code you will get 10% off!

So hurry.. don't delay... place your order today! Valentine's Day is just TWO WEEKS AWAY!! {Shoot, that was quite the rhyme if I do say so myself, and I wasn't even trying... I'm a poet and I didn't know it ;)}

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Jennifer @ The Final Forty said...

AWESOME idea! I want, I want, I want. :) Haha. I feel the same way about V-Day, BTW -- it's a nice thought and all, but I always thought I was one of the few women in the world who just didn't care so much about getting flowers or chocolates just because it happens to be Feb. 14!