Friday, June 12, 2015

Train Run

Monday night, while trying to fall asleep but my fibromyalgia wouldn't let me, I decided that my long run on Friday would be a "Train Run". I have always wanted to do it - get on the Coaster, ride it a ways away, and then run home - but hadn't gotten around to it before.

My #FlatCarlee includes an Orange Sparkle Athletic skirt, BOOM Pro Compression socks, an original SPIbelt, Garmin Forerunner 220a pouch of strawberry PROBAR BOLT Chews, my Ragnar Relay "Longest Leg" trucker hat, a tank from Fitspiration Couture, a RoadID Sport, a pair of Brooks Ghost 6 with LockLaces and a Momentum Jewelry FootNote, and a Freshly Squeezed Orange Handful sports bra.

I didn't have to work until noon on Friday, so looked up the schedules and saw I could take the 7:17am train from Oceanside to Solana Beach. The run would be about 16 miles and if everything went smoothly I'd be able to get home and showered before my shift.

So this morning came and I got ready to run. I filled up my water bottle (even though the temps have been mild, the humidity has been CRAZY and since I hadn't run this entire "course" before so wasn't sure the drinking fountain situation and wanted to be prepared), grabbed a PROBAR BASE Bar for the train ride over and a Gatorade for the car ride home and made my way to the train station.

Ticket - CHECK! Now it's time to head to Solana Beach!

Gotta be #FueledByPROBAR before (and during) my run!
This time I went with the Cookie Dough BASE Bar!

My car seat before and after my run today...

Oh yeah, how can I forget?! Remember my girl Leslie? You know, the one I raced the Carlsbad 5000 and San Diego Rock 'N' Roll 5K with? Well, she just so happened to text me yesterday and ask what my plans were for my run. I told her and she said she would join me for a few miles before she had to head to a work meeting - YAY!

Um, YES, we did match on purpose ;) We are cool like that!

Leslie ran over from her office to meet me at the train station. The run back to Oceanside was a straight shot down (well, I guess "up" since I was heading north) the 101. Leslie figured the Cardiff Kook was as good of a stop as any for her to turn around, so after about 2 miles, she spun around and I kept on trucking.

Funny story, so there were some people by the Kook, so
we asked them to take our picture. As they were taking it
the mom told us that those balloons were for HER! Her
hubby and daughter decorated the Kook for her! So
obviously we gave her sweaty birthday hugs! 

Except for some traffic lights through Encinitas, the 101 is easy cruising. Due to the hurricanes off Baja, the humidity has really been socking us in. It was starting to zap my energy, but knew I needed to keep moving because I had to get home to shower, grab a bite to eat, and walk the pup before my shift started at 12pm.

I decided instead of my standard beach/ ocean/ scenery shots that I normally take, today I would grab some "street art" pictures. I LOVE that our North County communities allow businesses to cover their walls with amazing art for passer-bys to look at and enjoy. Here are a few of the shots I grabbed along the way:

There is a building in Carlsbad that allows people to write (with chalk) what they would tell their younger self if they had the opportunity. I decided I would play along. I wrote "Believe" - believe in yourself, believe in others, believe there is good in the world, BELIEVE!

Other than the quick pit stops to snap pictures of the art, I stopped a couple additional times. I filled up my water bottle another two times (like I said, it was humid and I sweat like a pig anyway, so I needed to stay hydrated) and also took a time out around mile 7 and 13 to eat some PROBAR BOLT Chews.

The strawberry BOLTS are my favorite!

I got back to the car right around 16 miles (I may have run around the transit parking lot once to get it to an even 16). I chuckled to myself because I remembered someone saying that I always look so "fresh" after my runs. Well, today I looked like I normally did... A SOGGY MESS! I mean, legit, I had to ring out my pig-tails and tank top before I got into the car...

Gotta sweat like a pig to look like a fox?! Or something
like that ;)

Not too shabby with the elements!

Quick parking lot selfie

Why, yes, I normally look like a drowned rat after my run!

Obviously the weather could have been better, but I guess it could have been worse too, so I'll take what I can get. Hey, the hard runs just make you stronger, right?! (Just another reason why I take my #FlatCarlee pictures... The aftermath is normally not as cute ;))

Have you ever done a "Train Run" before?

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