Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Being Okay With Rest/ Travel

If you haven't noticed by now, I am a Type A personality. I like my ducks in a row and lists for my lists (I may have a tinsy bit of OCD, but who knows for sure). With that being said, sometimes it is hard for me to step outside of the lines (even if they are ones I have created for myself).


Even though I am not technically sticking to a training schedule of any type right now (meaning I don't have a coach or calendar telling me exactly how many miles to run a day and at what pace), I still feel like I have a pretty good routine going on. My overall goal is to try and run 4 days a week (normally Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday), with another day for strength training, one day for cross training (normally biking, but if I work up the courage to get into the pool it could be swimming),  and "rest" at least one day a week.

So when things come up - like camping, for example - what is a girl to do?!

Well, first, I need to be OKAY with a little extra rest. Often I think I have an "issue" with rest because I guilt myself into thinking I am being lazy. Rest DOES NOT equal laziness (at least not all the time), it means giving your body the opportunity to heal and recoup so it can grow stronger! An extra rest day once in a while (especially if your body is craving it) will NOT make or break your training cycle (in fact, it might even do more good than harm).


Next, switch it up! Just because my long runs are normally on Fridays, doesn't mean they MUST be on Fridays. Since we will be out of town from Thursday until Sunday, I decided I would try and get my long run in earlier in the week. My work schedule on Monday didn't have me starting until 4pm, so I figured why not get in my double digit run earlier in the week?! I know it felt weird, but I have to say, although it was out of the norm, I know I will feel better going into the weekend knowing my long run is out of the way and I wasn't missing it or having to try to fit it into our trip.

Another option is to plan ahead. I have already Google mapped the campground to see potential running routes. Ryan has been to the area before and mentioned the main roads aren't the safest to run on, so if I am going to run, I should probably run IN the campground. Well, after checking it out, it looks like I can safely (and easily) get in a 1 mile loop. So I will be packing my running shoes and if the temperatures aren't that insane (the highs are in the triple digits, so I won't be running in the heat of the day, but maybe I can get in a few early morning miles), I will go out for a run or two. Hubby even said he might join me for a couple loops if he is feeling up for it ;)

JUST GET ACTIVE! If you have been around here for a while, you can probably tell the hubby and I don't sit still for long. We are normally on the go (and love it, for the most part :)). Just because I may not be running while we are camping, that doesn't mean we are sitting on our booties' the whole time (although sometimes that is just what the doctor orders). For example, last year Ryan went to Barbados for a photo shoot with work and I was fortunate enough to meet him there once they were done so he and I could have a little vacation. Although I wasn't running (I mean, have you tried to run on those roads or in that insane humidity before?! CRAY-CRAY!) as much as I was originally hoping for, we did make sure to get out and snorkel every day and try to walk around to explore the area as much as possible.

Water is normally NOT my jam, but when I am looking at the pretty fish
I tend to forget about all of the scary things that could eat me...

Exploring an old sugar cane plantation

Sure, it may not be your typical workout, but getting in some activity is better than nothing (and shoot, planks can be done just about anywhere!). And don't you worry your pretty little head, we already have a few hikes planned for this weekend, so we won't be sitting stagnate for long :)

So, if you didn't get the hint yet, we are heading up north for a camping trip this weekend (and I guess you can say this was my way of working through the anxiety I have about missing a few workouts - I mean this blog is mostly just my way of "talking" out loud and working through issues, right?).

But just because we won't be in town, doesn't mean you can avoid the blog... I have some pretty awesome things lined up (including a GIVEAWAY and two guest blog posts) - so make sure to check back and check back OFTEN!

Do you normally stay active on your vacations? 


Jen said...

i am really trying to get better at this!! Vacation may mean varying my fitness but that's good for me! Plus the more I move the more I can eat fun vacation food! Great post.

SD Mom said...

Yes! I have vacation planned when I am supposed to get my 16 And 18 milers in and I plan to do them in the mid western humidity!

Unknown said...

Same! I totally have a Type A personality. I've relaxed a lot over the years, but it is hard to step outside of the lines, ESPECIALLY if they are ones that I've created! I also sometimes associate rest with laziness (probably because my college roommates slept until 3pm every weekend). Try to relax though and enjoy your trip!

Tracy said...

Yes! I'm either walking or getting some activity in at the hotel gym. I'm actually going to Fitbloggin this weekend, so you know there'll be some activity there! ;-)

Kimberly said...

When I first started running, I was this way. I had to do exactly what the schedule said on the day it said I should no matter what. It meant I ran through some pretty wicked conditions in Indiana when, had I waited a day, I could have avoided. Now, I try to just have a list of what I want to do and then piece it into the life schedule. This weekend, we're going to a wedding out of town so I'm getting in all four runs during the week. It's meant some doubles because of my group fitness teaching schedule but I'll be happier for it come this weekend when I can enjoy the time with friends and REST.

Scarabocchio Girl said...

It depends on where I am having vacations.
Las year we went to Indonesia, and as you've written about it before, it was too hot and humid to even think about running. But I went surfing, and swimming and I've walked a lot. So I try to least I'm on holiday, and even if I do less, I don't feel guilty (or I try to)..