Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursday Triumph - Believing In Me

I am honestly surprised to say it is Thursday already... This week has just FLOWN by. I think it's because this past weekend was so jam packed with fun and activity I have been playing a bit of catch-up and I am just now getting my head above water. Hopefully that doesn't sound like a bad thing - last weekend was AMAZING and I wouldn't change it for a minute - just the nature of the beast when you fill your time with #AllTheFriends, #AllTheSmiles, and #AllTheMiles!

I am still working my way through my recaps (I mean with two races, a shakeout run and a meet-up, there is a lot to write and share about!), but obviously I HAVE to share this picture:

The Thursday Triumph Crew got to hang out a bit (IN REAL LIFE) on Saturday morning! Smitha and Linzie ROCK MY SOCKS, so having them in the same place at once was EXTRA FUN! But without further ado, it's time to get into this thang!

Today's Triumph: Believing in ME

Let me start off by saying I have the world's worst self esteem. Okay, maybe not that bad, but it is pretty craptastic.

The source of it, the reasons behind it, etc is a separate post in and of itself, so I won't be going into it at this point, but suffice it to say loving myself (or even liking myself for that matter) is NOT something that comes easily for me.

When friends or loved ones give me compliments, the first thing you will find me doing is shaking it off or making a joke about it. Honestly, it makes me pretty uncomfortable. I often end up telling those around me "I think you believe in me more than I believe in myself" and I know that to be the case.


I wish I could say I flipped a switch and everything was dandy and my self-love was through the roof, but I gotta keep it real with y'all. Although I know others still have more faith in me than I have in myself, I am starting to convince myself that it is OKAY for me to believe in ME!


In my head I know I should believe in myself - but it is moving that "head" knowledge into my heart and actually FEELING the belief in myself that is the issue. I know it won't happen over night, but step by step, day by day (HAHA, anyone else think of Full House when they read that?!), I am going to continue to try and believe in myself. Believe that God can do amazing things with me and through me. Believe that I can do whatever I set my mind to. Believe in CARLEE!


What are you triumphing in lately?! 


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Run with Sole said...

Carlee! Your post breaks my heart because I know exactly how you feel! For me, in my line of work, I spend my days motivating others and helping them believe in themselves. And there's not always a lot left for myself. I so get you and I hope someday you will feel comfortable getting compliments and kudos because you ARE awesome!!

Unknown said...

I'm totally with you - compliments are hard, though they feel good to hear at the same time. What a cluster in my head! I think that's one of the things that running gives me (sometimes) is that feeling of YES! I AM AWESOME.

Hoping to link up today finally - YAY! Working on my SD recap too. :) Woot!

Linz @SharpEndurance said...

Carlee, you make me smile!

SD Mom said...

Everything Jenn said and let me reiterate, you are awesome! All you need to do to believe that is to look at all the wonderful lives you have made that much better! Me included! Love you!