Sunday, May 25, 2014

Surfing Doggy!

Friday afternoon, once Ryan got home from work, we decided to take Walt over to the Carlsbad Lagoon. He (Walt... not Ryan) was a little stinky and needed a bath, so figured we'd let him play in the water a bit before getting him clean.

We've taken him down there a few times before, but for the most part he doesn't seem to be much of a water dog. He really only goes in if he is playing with other dogs that run in. Ryan has tried taking him out a ways and letting him swim back to shore (he's a good swimmer, just doesn't necessarily like the wet factor), but that only lasts a couple times before Walt just tries to run away from Ryan.

Ryan thought this time he would bring his longboard down with us (we were originally going to try one of the stand-up paddle boards, but figured it might be a hassle, especially if Walt was having none of it).

It started off a little rough, but we were so surprised at how well he did! As you can see from the pictures below, he started off cuddling as close to Ryan as he could possibly get, but as time went on (and he got used to the choppiness) he started venturing out towards the end of the board.

Ryan trying to corral Walt... 

Getting him used to the board



I think this one he is looking to me for help... And as close to Ryan for protection :)

Still on Ryan's shoulder


He was even walking back and forth on the board

Hanging 10!

He felt much better when they were coming with the wind and there were less waves crashing at him

Getting ready to jump in after the first session

He even went out for a second try!

I got a couple quick videos too.

Next time we will definitely bring our nice camera. Obviously my old iPhone 4 doesn't have a very good zoom... but at least we were able to document his maiden voyage.

My water boys!

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