Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"Pigs" In A Blanket

I really enjoy Pinterest. I normally spend about 20 minutes a day just scrolling through all the fun pins, adding them to my different boards. The funny thing is that although I "like" and "pin" things, it normally doesn't go any farther than that. I think I might have made maybe two of the crafts I have pinned and maybe 4 or 5 of the food items (although truth be told, I made some "Hippie Juice" a couple weekends ago and had a friend tell me it was the BEST THING I HAD EVER MADE :) ). I guess I just like all the pretty pictures...

Lately I had been seeing a lot of recipes on my feed for things in crescent rolls (pesto and cheese sandwiches, peanut butter snicker doodles, egg squares, nutella and peanut butter bits, etc). Well, lucky me, the last time I went to the grocery store they were having a sale on them so I decided to pick up a couple tubes.

Monday I decided to experiment a little with them. No, I didn't get all crazy, but I decided, since we had a package of "hot dogs" in the fridge that I would try a "pigs" in a blanket type dinner.

Pretty easy-peasy. I opened the tube of crescent rolls, wrapped a triangle around the "hot dog" and put them on a cookie sheet.

I followed the directions on the package for cooking the rolls - 375* for 10-12 minutes (I took them out at 10 minutes).

Ryan really liked them. He scarfed down four "pigs" and the left over two rolls (we only had 6 "hot dogs", but normally the package has 8, which would have been perfect for the amount of crescent rolls that also come in a tube).

We did notice that around the "hot dog" the roll didn't cook all the way through (seemed like the roll was a bit under done), so maybe next time I would keep them in for a bit longer (Ryan suggested warming up the "hot dogs" first so that they make the inside of the roll warmer - but I think that might dry out the "pig" too much).

Anyway, it was a quick and easy meal (and I'm sure kids would enjoy it, I know my 30 year old guy did :) ).

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