Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dating ABCs: Z

Sunday afternoon (after getting home and showered from the OC Half Marathon) Ryan and I went on our final "Dating thru the ABCs" Date.

We went to ZOOMARS, a petting zoo up in San Juan Capistrano (because apparently we hadn't been to Orange County enough that weekend).

We have been a couple times before and I thought it would be a great Z Date (I mean, can you think of many other Z activities? Because I was NOT going to be able to talk Ryan into Zumba :)).

They have goats, sheep, bunnies, guinea pigs, cows, ponies, pigs, llamas, and a few other animals. Along with paying for our admission, we also bought a basket of veggies (carrots, broccoli, lettuce, and apples) to feed to all of the friends.

Ryan was borrowing a camera from work this weekend, so he used it to take a ton of pictures. I was able to edit them down, but still have quite a few. Hopefully you enjoy them :)

In the past the bunnies were in with the guinea pigs and you could pick them up. They were in a different area on this visit... Maybe people man-handle them too rough... 


Such a fun animal - zebra legs, but pony/ donkey body... 

I thought this goat's ears were like Walt's :)

Ryan got a couple shots of me feeding the goats from INSIDE the pen

Please excuse the triple chins... 


Ryan tried to catch the cow's tongue out (it was HUGE and gross), but didn't


I had no idea Ryan was taking this picture, but I was pretty grossed out by the llama... I DON'T THINK THEY HAVE UPPER TEETH... IT WAS PRETTY YUCKY WATCHING HIM EAT!

Ryan loved the pigs!

Jelly Bean?! Is that you?

I almost forget to tell you about how Ryan helped SAVE a goat! He was a hero! There was a family over at one of the pens feeding the goats. Somehow one of them got one of their hoof's stuck underneath the fence. The dad that was standing their with his family saw the issue and jumped in the pen. He tried getting the goat's hoof out from under the fence, but the goat was struggling (and yelling) and the man was having trouble. Ryan ran over, jumped a fence, and got on the other side of where the goat was stuck and bent up the fencing so the man could help get the goat's hoof out from under it. Thankfully they were able to get the goat loose quickly. Some of the zookeepers came over and made sure the goat was okay (they had to move them to another area while they fixed the fence that Ryan bent). The goat was limping for a few minutes after it happened, but by the time we went to leave he was back walking normal again. It was a scary few seconds, but in the end Ry and the other man were able to save the goatie's foot.

On the way to the car I saw there was a Butterfly Sanctuary, so we walked around for a few minutes trying to get a couple pictures... You can be the judge if we were successful :)

If you look closely, near the red flowers in the middle, there seems to be an orange butterfly
PS I was holding my finger out, hoping one would land on it :)

There are two butterflies chasing one another on the far right of this picture

You can see a blurry butterfly in the middle of this one

Bee butt!

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CAN YOU BELIEVE IT IS OVER?! I will write up a brief recap of our thoughts on the "project" next week, so be on the look out. And please let me know if you and your significant other decide to take on the challenge, I'd love to hear about it!!

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Heather said...

As always, great pictures! Looks like another great date for you two. I'm definitely going to try and take up this challenge, though I think with our schedules, it will take a year or two for my husband and I to complete it haha.