Tuesday, May 20, 2014

5K Foam Fest Coupon Code!

Have you heard about the 5K Foam Fest?!

Once I saw that video, I was STOKED! Thanks to Fit Approach and my new Sweat Pink Ambassadorship I was given a FREE ENRTY to the race! You better believe I will be signing up for the SoCal Race (which happens to take place in Temecula). But don't you worry, they have them ALL OVER - one in Detroit, one in Chicago, one in Grand Rapids, and the list just goes on and on!

AND ANOTHER HUGE thanks to Fit Approach and my new Sweat Pink Ambassadorship because I have been given a $5 OFF Coupon Code for the 5K Foam Fest to share with all my friends, family, and followers! (Of course I'd love for you to run the SoCal Race with me, but just in case that isn't feasible for you, you can use the coupon code for ANY of their locations)

So make sure to sign up and DO IT NOW! And don't forget code FF5360 for $5 off your registration!


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