Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Taking Suggestions

So I am taking suggestions on what you think my career plan should be. I told Ryan what I wanted to do (give out dandies to strangers on the street) and unless he becomes very wealthy very quickly we may need a second income (because of course I would not charge for my dandy service). Since we will more than likely be moving closer to where he is living right now, I will be in need of a job in September. I could do something similar to what I am doing now (payroll clerk, human resources, etc), but thought I would open up my horizons and ask YOU... I know you may all not know me personally, but I thought maybe through my posts you have gotten to know what I enjoy and maybe what sort of career path I should steer down. PS I would like to be able to ride my Vespa to my future job (if that changes your idea).

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Anonymous said...

Hey Car,
I know of a family that is looking for a person to watch a set of twins while the lady of the house goes to the gym. So far its just been a big pain in the neck!
The family has a bike trailer that you could pull behind your Vespa. If interested please send resume', cause offers are piling up. Love and miss ya alot!!!