Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2 Years

2 years ago I was sitting in the University of Michigan Football Stadium listening to a few speeches (does anyone ever really remember what the speeches are about, something 'inspiring and uplifting' I'm sure :) ). 2 years ago I graduated from the University of Michigan. 2 years have passed and yet sometimes it feels like ten times as long and other times it feels like it was just yesterday. In two years I have moved across the country with nothing other than two suitcases and a positive attitude (okay, I had a lot more than that - I had God and my family's support, but still...), found my first apartment, bought my second car, have held a 'real' job for almost 2 years, gotten engaged, and so many other things (that are just slipping my mind at the time). I know, I know, I am only 23, but STILL, I am extremely proud and thankful for all that I have done and have accomplished in the past 2 years (on top of everything I had done in my life leading up to these past two years).

Here's to another prosperous and joy-filled 2 years (and many more :) ).

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Anonymous said...

Praise Him!!!!!