Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Playoffs are a comin'

Pistons' Billups' view: Start playoffs

This about sums up the Pistons' mindset as they head into the final two regular-season games:

"Bring it on, already."

By "it," Chauncey Billups means the playoffs, which will start, finally, Sunday. To say the Pistons are champing at the bit would be an understatement.

"We're just ready," Rasheed Wallace said.

Detroit could face Philadelphia or Toronto in the first round, but even that is of little concern.

"If you are playing well, it doesn't matter who you play," coach Flip Saunders said. "And if you're not playing well, it doesn't matter who you are playing."

Fact is, the Pistons are playing well. All of the preseason objectives have been either met or surpassed and the team might be more playoff-ready than in any of the past three seasons.

"We told the guys from day one, if we got to the playoffs and we were healthy and we were rested, we would be a tough team to beat in seven games, no matter where we play," Saunders said. "That's been our marching orders."

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