Tuesday, April 22, 2008

LA Chargers?

L.A. might have Bolts magnet
April 22, 2008

Should San Diego Chargers fans worry about Ed Roski Jr.? I'd say, yes, absolutely. He's not only a billionaire, he's not your everyday, nutty billionaire. Roski has a pedigree that does not include “rash.” He has a reputation of not doing things willy-nilly.

Last week, when Roski proposed building an $800 million NFL stadium on 600 acres of pre-zoned land he owns in the lovely City of Industry – about 20 miles east of L.A. –I wondered aloud: “What's in it for him?”

There could be something in it for him, even if it doesn't include ownership of the team – or even a smidgen. There could be plenty in it for him, no matter if every pie-in-the-sky stadium proposal that has come up since L.A. lost the NFL in 1994 has gone into the La Brea Tar Pits.

And, of course, the Chargers immediately came to mind, because they're looking for new digs and can take off following the 2008 season. Do not rule that out.

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In my opinion - STAY HERE CHARGERS!!

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Land Sea Collective said...

you stay here!!! LA sucks!!!!